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Video: BLM Rioters Continues To Harass And Torment The St. Louis Couple – The McCloskey’s Had To Board Up Their Home

Several hundred protesters made a return trip Friday to the St. Louis mansion owned by a white couple whose armed defense of their home during an earlier demonstration earned them both scorn and support from across the globe.

Protesters marched along the busy public boulevard called Kingshighway, which intersects with Portland Place, a private street that is the site of the Renaissance palazzo-style home of Mark McCloskey, 61, and his 63-year-old wife, Patricia.

Inside the gate, more than a dozen men in plain clothes walked the grounds and peered out from a second-floor balcony of the couple’s home.


Protesting a politician or a celebrity or some other public person who has massive influence is one thing…but to target American citizens for no other reason than harassment and intimidation is quite another.

That’s exactly what’s happening to the St. Louis couple who were forced to defend their home with guns last week.

The harassment and intimidation are so bad, that the couple had to board up their home.

Video below:

Clear that street. People do not have a right to sit outside someone’s home to intimidate. This is not a protest, the McCloskey’s hold no political power to protest. This is harassment and the lack of protection for this couple shows they’re seen as second class citizens.

Their only motive is to provoke anger, to “push buttons” as they’ve been in our police force’s faces. They want to get a reaction, that is how the devil operates. Because evil liberal media will twist it in their favor.