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Video: Communist Dystopia – Supermarkets Accused Of ‘Disguising’ Poorly-Stocked Shelves By Placing Photos Of Food Amid Supply Shortage

Joe Biden’s struggle to make America normal again after the pandemic is proving to be far more protracted and complicated than first thought, which has enormous political implications for the President and his party.

An admission by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on CNN Sunday that supply chain backups, which are having a corrosive impact on the wider economy, will linger into next year further underscored a tough midterm election environment for Democrats.

When Americans head into stores and see bacon has doubled in price, or when they cannot buy the gifts they want heading into the holiday season, Biden and Democrats are likely to get the blame in next month’s elections and in 2022.

The cost of living — along with gasoline that is now averaging $3.32 a gallon nationwide, according to the American Automobile Association!

All in all Biden’s presidency is a failure.

Joe’s latest nickname is Empty Shelves Joe!

And because of his incompetence our supermarkets have to use the same tactic as communists countries!

Supermarket shoppers have accused shops of “disguising” their poorly-stocked shelves by placeing images of food on the fridges and on the shelves.

Last week, pictures have emerged of cardboard with food placed over the empty shelves as part of apparent attempts to conceal a lack of goods.

Close up images below:

Many Americans didn’t believe the fact that the markets in around our country looks like a communists dystopia but another video which is slowly becoming viral shows that the cardboard’s with food are not fake!

Video below:

Many other pictures and videos are already taken down by social media giants, but the cruel reality is that we are slowly becoming communist dystopia!

What state of capitalism is it when your encouraged to shop but there’s nothing you can buy?

A non-free market state with heavy global governments intervention, subsidies, restrictions, abusive debt and wreckless monetary emission. COVID itself.

Stage implies a non-factual Marxist perspective!

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