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Video: Election Worker Lets A Non-Citizen Vote In NJ Gubernatorial Race And Admits She Has Done The Same In The Presidential Elections

Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared victory Wednesday night, 24 hours after telling supporters to head home because the race was too close to call.

Project Veritas released a new video today exposing malfeasance that took place in New Jersey’s gubernatorial election, where an election worker was willing to provide a ballot to a Veritas journalist disguised as a non-citizen and non-registered voter.

“Remember, we were allowing anyone to come in,” she said.

One of the poll workers said she was willing to provide a ballot.

“I’ll let you fill out completely a ballot now. Whether or not it’s going to count, I don’t know,” she said.

“Listen, we’ll let you do it.”

Video below:

There is a lot of allegations about voter fraud but we never can seem to thwart the steal in progress.

America’s election system is so broken and corrupt and needs fixing. People want their votes to be meaningful.

Will anything be done to this corrupt or at best incompetent election official, I very much doubt it. There was so much video evidence of corruption in the 2020 election. Did they see justice applied? No!! Until this changes the corruption will continue and the American people will be robbed when they vote.

If America doesn’t address the Dominion scandal, the poll worker scandal, and have a system that requires ID when voting and a mechanism that provides an ID to each vote cast. Then this voting corruption will just continue. So as Stalin once said the people counting the votes can and will determine who wins not the voters.

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