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Video: Homeless Individuals Mysteriously Disappear in Downtown San Francisco – The Reason Behind It Enrages Citizens Even More

In a weird turn of events the homeless who normally live on the streets and in tents in downtown San Francisco are for the most part gone.

Drug addicts, dealers and homeless who have plagued San Francisco’s downtown have miraculously disappeared this week as the city cleans up for a huge international event.

Sources tell The RSN the homeless have been pushed to other parts of the city in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, which starts tomorrow and runs through Nov. 17.


However, residents and business owners said city officials’ attempts to “herd” transients and drug addicts is only a “Band-Aid” to a severe problem as drug overdoses continue to plague the city.

The city focused on seven intersections in the Tenderloin and South of Market, or SoMa, neighborhoods which is home to some of the more concentrated encampments where drug-addled people high on fentanyl and heroin can be seen passed out on the streets every day.

“They started clearing the tents earlier this week and there is definitely a lot more police presence,” SoMa resident and community activist Ricci Lee Wynne told The Post.

The resident also explained that the city appeared to have the capability to do this all along but they refused.”

Video below:

It’s crystal clear that San Francisco has had the ability to manage and control the drug infested streets of it’s downtown but has refused to do so up until this point.

Residents and those working in the area are demanding a permanent solution but my guess is as soon as Xi and his crew leave the city it will quickly revert back to what it was a couple weeks ago.