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Video: Homeless Man Literally Set On Fire Last Night On The Streets In Brooklyn By A Black Male – Hardly Any Media Coverage

There has been a dramatic spike in illegal fireworks. The number of 911 calls is 10 times higher than last year.

On Monday night, in a span of just about an hour Chopper 2 spotted fireworks being set off from multiple locations in the five boroughs.

Police were called to the scene in NYC’s Harlem around 4 am on Monday.

The report came from near 62 Lenox Ave (Malcolm X Boulevard) and West 113th Street, the 28th Precinct said in a statement.

EMS responded to the scene and the 66-year-old victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.

He suffered minor burns.

It’s unclear who was filming the incident but the video shows a black man throwing the firework and another filming it.

Take a close look NOT one person can be seen defending this victim. Not one person seemed to care no protesters to condemn no news media to tell the story.

Video below:

The NYPD said they did not have anyone in custody on Monday night.

Leftist activists converted the protests into riots, looting, and violence, and Democratic leaders refused to condemn it and instead fanned the flames lit by the organized mob. They have joined the movement to topple monuments and erase all other unpleasant aspects of American history β€” as if they never occurred.

Now looting and attacking defenseless people seems like an ordinary day in our country!