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Video: Kamala’s Debate Clean-Up Duty Was Even Worse Than Biden’s Debate Performance

Biden, who has faced concerns about his age, faced a wave of criticism following his debate performance against former President Donald Trump Thursday night, as viewers noted he sounded hoarse and that he lacked energy throughout the night. A Biden aide told Newsweek late Thursday night that the president was battling a cold during the debate. However, he faced calls for his replacement from some Democrats.

According to Democrats and their allies in the media, President Joe Biden’s debate performance Thursday night against former President Donald Trump was a disaster. So much so that high profile party members are calling for Biden to be replaced as the nominee before the Democratic National Convention in August.

But not his VP(who can’t stand Biden either)


Kamala was even worse because she lied even more than Biden and even Anderson Cooper’s face reveal the amusement by the CNN’s anchor!

Vice President Kamala Harris tried to defend President Joe Biden after what many viewed as a disastrous debate performance during a combative interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Biden’s performance was so bad, they sent Vice President Kamala Harris out on CNN and MSNBC immediately after the debate to attempt damage control. But it didn’t go well and Harris threw Biden under the bus in her first sentence, admitting “I understand why people want to talk about it” and ” it started off slow.”

Watch Kamala’s crazy response:

A longer version:

CNN reported that there is “deep panic” throughout the Democratic Party after the debate.