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Video: New York High School Student Stabbed By Classmate In A Possible Hate Crime Attack – The Reaction Of Their Fellow Students Speaks Volumes

Utica police say a student was stabbed multiple times by a classmate during a fight at Proctor High School Monday morning.

Police say staff at the school were notified about a fight in the hallway and came out to find a 17-year-old student stabbing an 18-year-old classmate.

Teachers broke up the altercation and one staff member was able to take the knife from the suspect.

What’s really sad is the fact that their fellow students didn’t even tried to stop the attack.

Instead they decided to put up their phones and film the shocking situation!

A student was jumped from behind by a fellow student who repeatedly stabbed him. Amazingly, the victim was able to protect himself from further stabbings until teachers came and disarmed the attacker and broke off the attack.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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A really sad times! The stabbing was filmed by students who did not try to physically intervene the attack as the student was armed with a knife.
Students will not be allowed to exit the school building during free periods or lunch for the rest of the week.

There will also be an increased police presence at the school for the remainder of the week both inside and outside of the building.

Police say the 17-year-old is facing attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges.

The attacker was accused by some student of hate crime but he now only faces attempted assault.