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Video: New York Liberal Snowflake In Florida Keys A Car With A “Lets Go Brandon” Bumper Sticker And Learns There Are Consequences In Florida

A New Yorker’s vacation in Florida took an unexpected turn when a seemingly innocuous encounter with a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ bumper sticker escalated into a legal ordeal. The incident, which unfolded at a local market, resulted in embarrassment, a night in jail, and pending felony charges.

The unnamed individual, enjoying a break at their vacation home in Florida, made a routine trip to the market to pick up a few items. However, what began as a simple errand quickly turned sour when they encountered a car adorned with a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ bumper sticker. The slogan, widely recognized as a veiled criticism of Joe Biden, reportedly triggered the individual, prompting them to react impulsively.

Unfortunately for the New Yorker, their impulsive reaction did not go unnoticed. Little did they know that their actions in the market parking lot would soon attract the attention of law enforcement. The consequences of their outburst became apparent when police officers arrived at their vacation home, much to the surprise and embarrassment of the individual and their unsuspecting spouse.


What he didn’t knew is the fact that the Florida PD is not NYPD and there are consequences for your actions in Florida!

Video below:

Subsequently, the individual found themselves facing serious legal charges. Specifically, they were charged with “DAMAGE PROP-CRIM MISCH – 1000 DOLS OR MORE,” classified as a felony of the third degree under Statute 806.13 1b3. The severity of the charge underscored the potential ramifications of their actions, which resulted in damage exceeding $1000.

After spending a night in jail, the individual was released without bond, but their legal troubles are far from over. With the case still pending, they are left to grapple with the repercussions of their impulsive behavior and the looming uncertainty of the legal process.