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Video: Porch Pirate Learns What Happens When You Try Stealing From A Gun Owner Who Brings Out His Assault Rifle

Porch piracy has become a growing criminal industry. You can expect more of it as Joe Biden’s economy continues to make goods and services too expensive for people to pay for themselves. You have to be careful, though. As you creep up on the porch and try to snatch the box sitting on the welcome mat, you never know if the homeowner is watching … with a really big gun. One nogoodnik found this out the hard way.

“Put that sh** back!”

Those were the words an alleged porch pirate was greeted with after he casually grabbed a box from what looks like a Detroiter’s front porch in a theft attempt.


But the words weren’t as attention-grabbing as the assault rifle in the homeowner’s hands.

Video below:

When he was confronted, a doorbell camera catches the pirate politely returning the box and getting back into his car to leave. The altercation is over.

There’s something satisfying about watching punks get their comeuppance. We’ve seen it with a porch pirate pooping his pants and another who timed his heist way wrong. What makes this video awesome is the way my dude with the gun made the thief come back. He didn’t just drop the package and run. He made the guy walk back to the porch and put the package back where he found it. For no other reason than he had a really big gun and he wanted to make things as embarrassing as possible for the thief.

Standard viral video disclaimers. Allow for some missing context. Obviously, this didn’t just recently happen, what with there being snow on the ground. one of our readers mailed us this video and we wanted to share it with our second amendment supporters.
The sender confirmed that this was filmed in East Detroit last winter.

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