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Video Shows A Pro-Abortion Protester Who Attack A Driver Gets Run Over – The Driver Faces Possible Prison Because A Cedar Rapids Government Official And A HuffPost Reporter Are Willing To LIE On Record

Witnesses claim the truck ‘charged into the crowd’ while protesters tried to push it back.

Videos are circulating on social media which appear to show a truck hitting protesters in Iowa during a demonstration against the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v Wade.

The black pickup truck reportedly drove through a crowd of pro-choice activists in the city of Cedar Rapids, hitting at least one person.


The videos online show the aftermath of the collision as protesters tried to hold onto the vehicle driving away from the scene, with several people falling to the ground as witnesses screamed and shouted.

Most of the mainstream media reports however follow the misleading/fake report of Huffington Post reporter!

A man faces prison because a Cedar Rapids government official and a Huffington Post reporter are willing to LIE on record can claim that “two peaceful protestors” were ran over when video clearly shows they were part of Night Of Rage mob.

The two victims are shown in the screen grab above. Here is the video of the event.

Peaceful protestors don’t attack a truck and try to pull people out of it.

Cedar Rapids official Lyz Lenz who was participating in the protests, is being cited by the Media for videos she is sharing of the events.

But she HAS DISABLED COMMENTS ON her videos to push her one-sided false narrative and stop other accounts.

Huffington Post and Marxist Cedar Rapids Council person complete disavowed. Alleged victim who was ‘run over’ admits to CBS she: ” went over to try and stop the truck.”

But the last straw is the fact that she appears to be hitting the driver:

When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes!

Lyz Lenz has now removed the mention of being a Cedar Rapids Council person from her bio.

Another witness, local politician Stacey Walker, told the outlet that he believed at least four people were injured.

“It was pretty evident the driver didn’t intend to stop,” Walker told the outlet. “I’m guessing this gentleman did not agree with what we were doing.”

He demanded that the police arrest the driver!

Police have confirmed that an injured pedestrian was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, the driver has since been interviewed and detectives are working to find surveillance video.

No charges have been filed and police are trying to figure out if the incident was deliberate.

Here is what the #CedarRapids police report about the incident. It’s from their Facebook post:

Given the fact that the media is trying to present their fake narrative then the man will surely face charges!

The driver still can get through with the bill that could grant him immunity!

There’s an Iowa bill that would strengthen legal protections for police and raise penalties for protest-related offenses would also offer civil immunity to some drivers who hit and injure protesters with their vehicles in certain situations.