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Video: The American-Somali Live-Streamer Who Has Been Harassing High Schoolers On Trains Got Jordan Neely’d

IRL streams are responsible for some of the most chaotic content on the internet. After all, it’s difficult to control the number of strangers one might encounter while broadcasting a night out on the town or sharing one’s travels abroad with a live audience.

As such, many IRL streamers have encountered uncomfortable and even dangerous situations that happen in real-time. For instance, one streamer got chased by a man threatening to “kill” him during a broadcast in a local park, and many others have experienced racist attacks from bystanders while traveling.

However, one IRL streamer has been bombarding strangers with racist remarks for some time during his stay in Japan — and an angry local decided to confront him.


Kick streamer ‘JohnnySomali’ has garnered a negative reputation for himself after clips surfaced of the broadcaster making racist remarks toward Japanese locals while taking a train.

On top of breaking etiquette by being loud on public transport, his mentions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki left viewers gobsmacked — but it wasn’t long before he got confronted by a good Samaritan who shut his behavior down in a shocking moment that went viral.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop his behavior, as JohnnySomali has continued to stream his travels in Japan while making racist remarks in public.

Yesterday, the streamer was broadcasting while speaking to his chat in the street when he got smacked in the face by a local just out of frame of the camera.

“What the f*ck?” the streamer exclaimed. “Yo, chill out. Relax, relax. It’s nothing, there ain’t no problem.”

Video below:

I paused the video and caught a glimpse of the guy’s arm. I noticed tattoos. I don’t know if tattoos in Japan have become fashionable now for the average young adult, but traditionally it would suggest the wearer is in a secret organization like a gang, organized crime (even if they have a sense of patriotism), or a radical nationalist or something. It would suggest that he is in a world of hurt, or WORSE. Not sure if he’ll get much assistance from the police, that is if he turns up alive, This was a live stream, not something he uploaded later.