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Video: The DA Is Not Going To Charge The San Francisco Security Guard Who Shot A Shoplifter – Here’s Why

Brooke Jenkins, the district attorney for the county in which the Banko Brown Walgreens shooting occurred, has released video footage of the incident to the public. The shooting took place on March 22, 2023, and resulted in the death of Banko Brown, a 23-year-old man who was attempting to rob the Walgreens store.

The decision to release the video footage was not an easy one, according to Jenkins. In a press conference held earlier today, she explained that her office had conducted a thorough investigation into the incident, including reviewing the video footage from multiple angles and interviewing witnesses and law enforcement officers involved in the shooting. After careful consideration, Jenkins determined that the public had a right to see the video footage, but that charges would not be filed against the security officer who shot the shoplifter.

The video shows that the guard, Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, attempted to stop Brown from leaving the store with what he said were stolen goods.


The pair get into a shoving match, and Anthony begins throwing punches before subduing Brown on the ground. Brown gets up, picks up the bag and backs out of the store before Anthony shoots him. The video, embedded below, contains graphic content and viewer discretion is advised.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Jenkins described the stance Brown got into while leaving the store as “a lunging motion in Anthony’s direction,” and as a result, she declined to file any charges as she believes Anthony acted in self-defense.

In the SF PD video, there were a lot of racist comments that the security officer wasn’t charged just because he’s black but the video shows that he was doing only his job!