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Video: This Insane DEI Female Pilot Moment Will Make You Think Twice Before Boarding A Plane Again

Let’s open up a can of worms. Let’s consider the expansion of the DEI concept into the field of aviation. I suspect this topic will cause some readers to get truly angry while others will applaud.

Neither reaction is warranted, of course. Injecting emotion into an intellectual discussion is rarely of value to the process of coming to a decision. Making a choice should be more evidence based. Invoking emotion invites ignorance to reign supreme.

Becoming a commercial airline pilot should be based on merit, not skin color or gender, for the safety of passengers, according to aviation expert Kyle Bailey.


“Diversity really has nothing to do with safe travel,” Bailey told Fox News Digital.

While Bailey doesn’t believe diversity makes traveling safer, the two have frequently been tied together.

Boeing, which allegedly prioritized DEI hiring in recent years, has found itself in the news after a door on one of the models operated by Alaska Airlines blew off mid-flight. In an X post last week, billionaire Elon Musk asked if customers wanted to fly in an airplane made by a company that prioritizes DEI hiring over safety management.

And today we have a video that looks scary to me not funny because human lives are at stake!

This is probably the most insane DEI pilot moment caught on camera!

Watch the video below:

I personally think a girl can fly a plane as well as a man. Hiring people to do things based on gender and not ability is the issue. So we hire an all female and possibly not qualified crew for a photo op and BAM!!! Plane misses the runway.

The FAA’s “Diversity and Inclusion” hiring plan says “diversity is integral to achieving FAA’s mission of ensuring safe and efficient travel across our nation and beyond.” The FAA’s website shows the agency’s guidelines on diversity hiring were last updated on March 23, 2022.

The Department of Transportation (DOT), which oversees the FAA, pushed back on the notion that diversity and inclusion practices impact safety.

“Safety is the FAA’s top priority and drives all decisions,” a DOT spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

“The diversity and inclusion language that is being cited here is the exact same today as it was under the Trump Administration and previous administrations before that. Like many large employers, the agency proactively seeks qualified candidates from as many sources as possible, all of whom must meet rigorous qualifications that, of course, will vary by position,” the spokesperson continued. “The FAA employs tens of thousands of people for a wide range of positions, from administrative roles to oversight and execution of critical safety functions.”

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