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Video: Two Students Get Into A Violent Classroom Fight – The Substitute Teacher Is Former Wrestler Who Handled The Situation Perfectly

A shocking video shows the brutal moment a Florida substitute teacher body slams a student onto the floor while breaking up a fight between two students.

The brawl was caught on a cell phone camera and shows the teacher raising one 15-year-old student – into the air then dropping him to the ground at Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville.

The video shows the substitute teacher dressed in a green polo struggle trying to tear the feuding and aggressive male students apart.

A substitute teacher (pictured in green polo) at Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville, Florida was caught on camera body slamming a student on Monday while trying to break up a fight.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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The video is not new but the exclusive information that we’ve received this morning that the substitute teacher is a former wrestler made the video viral again.

Our verdict is that this was handled very well, he got control of the situation, and he doesn’t slam the kid down on his head, just resets him on the ground without seriously hurting him. The fact that they don’t swing on him is a sign that they respect him.

The situation would have probably escalated and the teacher would have received a few punches if he didn’t react quickly!

One of the boys’ mother however has a different opinion!

‘You slammed my son. You picked him up and slammed him,’ the outraged mother said of the teacher to ActionNewsJax.

‘He’s epileptic and he has a broken arm … Why did you pick him up and slam him like that?’ she added.

She said she intends to file a complaint.

Maybe the mother should be also concerned about the fact that her boy had more than one fight recently and should show a lot more respect towards his teacher.

By DCPS policy, a teacher is allowed to intervene in a physical altercation to protect students from harming themselves and for physical safety.

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