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Video: Two U.S. Soldiers Get Into A Fight Inside The Barracks – What Happens Next Should Make You Worry For Our Future Even More

A theme that keeps dominating certain corners of media commentary is the idea that the U.S. armed forces have become “woke.” In today’s vocabulary, this implies that the American military has been overtaken by ideological imperatives that push a far-left political agenda.

U.S. enlisted personnel and officers are being subjected to compulsory exercises in groupthink that devalue the American historical experience, spread contempt for traditional American values and diminish the appeal of military service in favor of other alternatives.

Some conservatives have warned against Marxist or postmodern ideas being adopted by government agencies, including the Pentagon, and foisted on officers and enlisted personnel whom they claim are quietly gritting their teeth in resentment.


Is the present-day American military leaning too far to port instead of starboard? Critics who assert this also blame so-called woke Pentagon culture for the challenges facing military recruiters, including declining rates of enlistment.

There are reasons to doubt that the U.S. military is submerged in leftist or woke culture, and that is causing difficulties in military recruitment.

The latest video that came from one of our military barracks seems to show that our army is already too woke!

Video below:

The majority of American adults would not be willing to serve in the military were the U.S. to enter into a major war, recent polling has found, while public confidence in the armed forces appears to be waning.

The figures come as all branches of the armed forces have in recent years struggled to meet their recruitment targets, suggesting a growing apathy towards a career of military service. In 2023, the Army and Air Force fell short of their respective goals by around 10,000 recruits, while the Navy was under by 6,000. Since 1987, the number of active-duty personnel has fallen by 39 percent.