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Video: Woman In Oregon Allegedly Caught An Arsonist On Her Property With Matches – Uses Her Second Amendment Rights To Stop Him

A 53-year-old man was arrested for setting a pile of leaves on fire near the Clackamas County Community Solutions building on Friday.

A Clackamas County Probation officer saw smoke coming from the steps of the building and Sammy Piatt standing near the fire, according to Oregon City Police. A probation officer detained Piatt and another used an extinguisher to put out the fire.

The fire was about 10 feet from the building but did not cause any damage.


Piatt admitted to lighting the leaves on fire and was arrested without incident. He was booked into the Clackamas County Jail and charged with arson II and a probation violation.
The mainstream media refuse to acknowledge that arsonists are causing at least some of the fires and even label every news about arsonists as fake news.

In Oregon, another disaster was prevented thanks to our second amendment.

A woman caught an arsonist on her property and used her second amendment rights to stop him!

Video below:

Even if the mainstream media doesn’t report about arson the arsonists are real and four have been arrested on suspicion of arson in West Coast areas already under seige from major destructive and deadly blazes, according to reports.

As wildfires continue to rage across three states, police investigated separate incidents near existing wildfires. Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon, and one woman in California are facing charges.

In any case, this brave patriot did the right job by stopping this madman.