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Video: Woman Learns The Hard Way That It’s Not Good Idea To Stab A Police Officer When He Serves You An Eviction Notice

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department released the bodycam footage of deputies and a police officer shooting and killing a 47-year-old woman, called Yan Li.

A woman was shot to death by authorities after police say she stabbed an officer in the chest with a “large chef’s knife. The incident took place at around 12:30 p.m. on March 3, in the 400 block of W. Beech Street in Little Italy.

The video starts with body-worn camera footage from Deputy Jason Bunch, serving an eviction notice to Li, at the Aqua Vista condo complex. Bunch knocks on the door and rings a doorbell at Li’s fifth-floor condo. When she answers the door, she receives the notice from the deputy and is seen carrying a knife. The deputy tells her to drop the knife and then takes out his gun and points it at Li.

Bunch tells Li several more times to drop the knife, warning that he’ll shoot her if she comes at him. Li responds that she’s not afraid and that she’s not coming at him. Then she accuses him of being a fake police officer and asks where his badge is before throwing the paperwork into the hallway and slamming the door.

The video resumes about eight minutes later when Bunch’s supervisor arrives and Li can be heard shouting from behind the closed door. Then another 40 minutes later, the video resumes with deputies and San Diego police officers with dogs preparing to enter Li’s unit.

Videos from several different officers and deputies’ body-worn cameras show them entering the condo with a key. The first deputies through the door are holding less-lethal weapons as they announce themselves as members of the Sheriff’s Department.

In the video, Li is behind a bedroom door as deputies order her to come out with her hands up and dogs bark in the background. Li is shouting back and still holding the knife, and someone yells “bean bag” twice, and the sound of that weapon being fired rings out several times.

The less-lethal rounds appear ineffective as Li charges from the bedroom with the knife in her hand. A chaotic scene unfolds as the deputies and officers backpedal into the hallway, with three of them falling to the ground and over each other as Li emerges with the knife pointed in front of her.

At her front doorway, Li thrusts the knife at the law enforcement personnel, stabbing the officer handling his dog.

At that point, SDPD Officer Rogelio Medina, sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Nickel and Deputies Javier Medina and David Williams open fire on Li, discharging at least a dozen rounds. She collapses, bloodied, onto the hallway floor. The wounded officer shouts, “Ah, (expletive), I got stabbed!”

The injured K9 officer was treated at UC San Diego Medical Center for his injuries was released. He was wearing a protective vest but was stabbed above it in his upper chest.

The footage includes video from cameras worn by Rogelio Medina, Nickel and Williams. Watch the video below:

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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According to captions on the video, the condo’s manager and a maintenance worker accused Li of threatening them with a knife the day before when they entered her home for a plumbing repair. That report, according to Sheriff’s officials, presented them with “probable cause” to arrest Li on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

The shooting is under investigation by SDPD’s homicide unit. When the investigation is finished, it will be reviewed by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office to determine if the officers bear any criminal liability for their actions.