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Watch Angry Dad Berate School Board for Teaching His Children Islam (Video)


Christopher Wyrick berated the San Diego Unified District School board because he had enough of Islam being shoved down his child’s throat.

Wyrick held his ground and did not back down. He told the board, “You’re gonna have to drag me outta here.”

Christopher Wyrick: “I’m a resident of San Diego. I’m a taxpayer, a father and a husband and a VERY proud American. Over the years I’ve had many titles, one of them I will not accept is Infidel!

There’s been an argument over the years to keep religious beliefs out of school especially any that happen to be associated with Judaism or Christianity, so at what point did you decide that it was okay to teach my children about Islam?”

Wyrick went off about CAIR, a Hamas front group operating in the U.S.

You’ve allowed CAIR to come into our public schools and they begin to implement pro-Islam curriculum. What’s next? Teaching them about the 5 pillars or the conversion prayer?

At this point, one of the board members tried to stifle Wyrick by telling him his “1 minute was up” and Wyrick refused to be quiet or leave and said, “Oh dude I’m gonna go, you’re gonna have to drag me outta here.”

The people in the auditorium started cheering Wyrick’s defiance.

Wyrick also pointed out CAIR’s ties to terrorism and the board members tried to tell him to get lost again so he says, “Yeah whatever!” and kept going off on them!

He ended his speech by calling the board members hypocrites as he walked out. You can also here a liberal dhimmi call Wyrick a bigot as he’s exiting the room.

This man is a hero! Every parent should be berating school boards and demanding Islamic propaganda be removed from our schools!

Islam is a religion, not a race and it has no place in our public schools!

Watch Wyrick let them have it in the video below.

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  1. Islam is not religion, it’s a terrorist group to mutilate women and behead people That school board should be FIRED for allowing it in the schools. Calif is going to hell. Get out while you can

  2. what was the results of this meeting did they take the teaching of islam out THIS HAS NO PLAYS IN ANY OF OUR SCHOOLS.

  3. i love this,the parents should sue, ID put my kid in a t shirt with a american flag and a confederate flag on it,with the words IN GOD WE TRUST on it to wear every day to school.

  4. I’m with him a million percent, this is crap. They need to protest the board, and close the school down until they can reform the stupid people that think this is good for our children. I spent 9 and a half years in the Army protecting our kids from these killers. And the schools think they can just change this. People stand up for our children as they learn from the teachers that are allowed to preach this hate. I have two grandsons in Diego if I find out this filthy crap is being shoved down there throats I’m coming that way.

  5. They need to deport that teachers where he or she can teach it not here there no plac for it it will be a big problem if it doesn’t stop sound like their are a few board members need thrown out of that school district also

  6. It is going to happen all over if we don’t stand up and fight for our country. We need to get rid of all who do not want to follow our rules and laws in this country. We have to stand tall and eliminate this ideology that they are trying to shove down our throats, and we have to start by protecting our children who are the most vulnerable.

  7. Its bad to be christian to be a white person in america is bad if your white and christian you better be quiet and give blacks islamics obamas all your hard earned money . In america .

  8. I stand with this guy as if religion is prohibited in schools, so should be the Islamic faith. There should have at least been a letter sent to the parents first before any of this even was proposed to possibly occur. I will stand with this guy and for my kids any and every day that this kind of stupidity happens and will pull my kids and teach them correctly if the school system can’t and won’t do their jobs. If I hear of this crap happening to my kids I would be irate! God bless this man and his family and shame on the school board!

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