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Watch: Larry the Cable Guy LETS LOOSE – Demolishes Obama’s Legacy on Live TV (Video)

The problem is that this country was all set to go the way of the new world order. Hillary was going to usher it in and we stopped it. Now the liberals are in a tizzy because Trump is exposing the fraud and greed and outright criminal activity they have been carrying out against AMERICA. The brainwashed anti Trumpers are too stupid to see that he is the best thing to happen to AMERICA in decades.

Daniel Lawrence Whitney otherwise known as Larry the Cable Guy was asked how he feels about President Trump and he gave an excellent answer.

He also made a point to trash Obama’s legacy. Watch the video below!


Larry made it clear that he thought Trump would do great things.

“I think he’s going to do a great job,” Larry said. “I think it’s about time we ran this country like a business and not put people in positions of power who bought the position. Donald Trump is putting people… I mean he’s even considering people he doesn’t agree with because he feels he is best for the job. You need somebody like that.”

“It’s time you put your country first is what you should do,” he added. “I think he really wants to do good. If they take a pill and chill out and give the guy a chance… and once in your life, think about your country.”

He said: “It’s about time we had someone run our country like a business.” And, he is right. America needs a successful businessman to organize and manage this great country. And President Trump is the right choice.

“After eight years of Barack Obama, there’s really nowhere to go but up. Obama damaged our country and our patriotism,” Larry said.


Well said. Simple and honest. It is about America and the American people as it should be. If everyone will stand up for Trump as Larry the cable guy did, so much more can be done for America!

Larry has seen what no one else wants to see. Trump has placed people in positions that he doesn’t necessarily agree with because they are subject matter experts. Career politicians have done nothing but put themselves first by filling their pockets with our hard earned money, let the business man put America first.

Thank you, Larry, for coming forward because you get It! You get what Trump and his supporters are trying to spread the word for the good of our United States!

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