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Watch Cop TASER Obnoxious Loudmouth LEECH Outside of Welfare Office (Video)


Some people think it’s okay to disrespect law enforcement because of the right to free speech in this country.

They think they are immune to consequences for the way they behave.

Well, this cop made it clear that he is NOT okay with being disrespected.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a woman wouldn’t stop disobeying, disrespecting, and shrieking at a guard. He gave her several warnings to stop acting out, but she ignored them.

That’s when he was forced to use his taser.

The woman was tasered in front of her children by the security guard when she refused to “back it up”. The video starts out with the two women yelling at the security guard for speaking to their children.

The security guard tells the two women repeatedly to leave but they don’t listen.

You betta back it up.

The situation quickly escalates when the mother approaches the store again and begins to fight with the guard. The children are heard crying in horror as their mother fights mall security. Then, the guard pulls out a taser gun and blasts the mom in front of her kids.

Watch the video:

The video is a big hit online. Do you think the security guard was justified in his use of the taser?

Scroll down and let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Would have done it alot sooner. He’s a patient man. Nobody should be allowed to get away with that ghetto crap!

  2. Wow! He showed a lot of restraint. If you watch the footage, he did not pull his tazer until she swung and went to punch him.

    • God Bless him! I would of NOT allowed that VILE INDIVIDUAL Continue her RANT! Thank you for your Service! Those poor kids have to witness and will grow up in that HOSTILE Environment! Maybe CPS needs to Step in and remove the kids from the Disgusting Individual! She only had them to get MO MONEY to SUPPORT HER ASS! UGH!

  3. oh my gosh!!! These kind of people…a menace to the society are teaching their children to be like them with fowl mouths, unruly, disrespectful, violent, and vicious toward the cop. So.. yeah, it is only right to taser her since she wouldn’t shut up. She’s very loud with filthy mouth. She’s just getting some welfare.

    • I didn’t see Jeff Sessions in this video. All I saw was America’s future if we don’t figure out how to clean out the swamp. These folks in this video don’t seem to have been on the receiving end of HOPE, if you know what I’m sayin!

  4. I would have done the same thing that security guard did.He told her over and over again to back up and not come in the store and she didn’t listen so she got exactly what she deserved.

  5. What a sad and sorry indictment of life in America, foul mouthed ignorant obese rude people behaving in such an unruly manner in front of children. The security guard showed restraint and courage to stand up against such foul mouthed ignorant people. Only saw one ethnic race. America is becoming a swamp populated by bottom feeding scum.

  6. They say black lives matter? What I just seem that low life bitch should be put in jail and the kids put where someone who cares about them,because her low life doesn’t matter at all,save the kids.

  7. POS people n should have their tubes ripped out for being a horrible example of a parent. Raising their kids to be no better trash. The guard was overly patient n they do not respect authority nor have any decent or respect for themselves. I would’ve zapped all of them n the kids a few times. They need major reprogramming. They need to get a job; Obama welfare leeches.

  8. He was completely justified and she was telling her kids to act the same way. This is why our kids have no respect anymore because there not taught any better. He should have tased both tgere asses and the guys at rhe end too.

  9. Stupid,stupid look how they have all those kids and bet not a one of them work my opinion he should have shot the bitch. Get a life raise the children, go to work. These are the ki d of people that make their race look horrible! Great Job security

  10. Gang mentality. And blacks wonder why people get tired of this crap
    These women didn’t care that kids were there, and they even have their mentality. Shameful bunch of welfare scum.

    • No way to edit my last submission, so I am doing so by replying to myself. She is lucky that he was conservative enough to not take her the heck out. (“Child Services” also need to investigate that woman and her other female friend. Those children might be in daily danger, while in their care.)

  11. In 15 years when those kids are in prison because their stupid ass mom let them act like that, I’m sure it will be white societies fault.

  12. He should have did it sooner in my opinion all the kids there and the other people shouldn’t have to put up with that noise

  13. Perfect example of some of these people and what they act like when they don’t get their way, yet they feel they are victims. Your kids can only learn from their parents and this is why a lot of them act the way they do. The cycle needs to be broken!

  14. Very pleased with the outcome up to the point the video stopped. Hopefully everyone is alright and those children need to be taken to a better home where they can be raised right, with respect for the law and an education that doesn’t involve assault and battery on officers of the law; as well as an education that doesn’t teach “by association” all of the illegal and immoral actions of the parents and others associated with people that act like this. Great job for the officer to show restraint and action when it was needed. It’s real simple people; follow the law, be good people, don’t steal or involve yourself with drugs and gangs, pay your taxes instead work instead of other people’s taxes paying you for popping out more “chil’ren”. Public education may not be the same everywhere or fair everywhere, but send the children to school and help them where school may be lacking as well as teach them right from wrong and raise them to be good people – not thugs or lowlife scum (and this is meant for every race of people as nothing I’ve said indicates a race, but simply people in general). If something is happening in the children’s life that seems unfair or unjust, then teach our children how to stand up against it in a respectful manner that will gain more potential than how this incident shows. I feel sorry for those young babies as they had to witness this and will likely end up breaking the laws themselves due to how they perceive what they have seen and what their “surroundings” have embraced and endured upon them.

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