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Watch 4-year-old Girl Narrowly Escape Gunfire at Arizona Barbershop (Video)

Two men have been arrested in connection with an Arizona strip mall shooting that left a 4-year-old girl injured (video below).

In a surveillance video, glass is seen shattering all over the place because of gunshots. The little girl is almost hit by those bullets.

Luckily, she only suffered minor injuries caused by the shattering glass. She was rushed to a local hospital, KTLA reports that she’s expected to be fine.


The men arrested were 23-year-old Michael Hart and 21-year-old Rafael Santos. Investigators say Hart fell asleep in the chair while he was getting a tattoo at a shop nearby.

According to the East Valley Tribune, Hart was asked to leave and come back when he was no longer high by the tattoo artist. This led to an altercation.

Reportedly, Hart walked outside to his car and pulled out a gun. He then fired it into the spot next door, a barber shop. The little girl was sitting down, watching cartoons when the gunshots narrowly missed her.

Opposing Views reports:

“Investigators believe that the shooter was outside in the parking lot,” said Sgt. Daniel Meija. “We believe that the intent was to shoot towards the tattoo shop but ended up striking the business which is right next door which is the barber shop.”

According to Crossroads Today, Hart was arrested for possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, endangerment, discharging a firearm, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Santos was charged with endangerment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, along with other charges, AP reports.

“I heard five gunshots go off in a row and then heard a woman screaming and a baby crying as well,” said Michelle Cohrs, who was in another business in the strip mall during the shooting. “I was extremely scared.

In a similar story just a week earlier, a gun fight sent stray bullets into a Sandusky, Ohio home, narrowly missing a father and his children, WJW reports.

Todd Nestor, a father of six, said that one of the stray bullets went through his bedroom wall and landed on his pillow.

“I can’t believe how close this came to hitting me in the head,” he said. Other bullets from the April 4 shooting reportedly went into Nestor’s son’s room, and into the living room, where two of his daughters were asleep.

Ken Nixon, a detective for the Sandusky Police Department, described the shooting, which happened just outside of Nestor’s home. The suspected shooter, Travion Wright, has reportedly been arrested for felony assault.

“Two men were in the car and they were arguing,” said Nixon. “The suspect made the victim get out, and then he fired about nine shots at him.”

Nestor said he felt grateful and lucky that he and his family were not hurt from the bullets.

“I will be at church Sunday,” he said. “I’ll never miss another.”

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