Home Culture Watch Muslim Immigrants Riot at a Borderless Europe (Video)

Watch Muslim Immigrants Riot at a Borderless Europe (Video)

It really is a no brainer, why do people put up a fence around their yards? Keep livestock in and predators out. Does not take a freaking rocket scientist to figure it out, just takes a libtard to ignore the obvious.

I don’t know if Americans know what is going on all over Europe but they NEED to. If liberals want to keep bringing Muslim migrants into this country, we would end up exactly like Europe — overrun with fear.

We need to wake up and quite just standing there and watching!


There is a madness in a borderless Europe – Watch the video below!

So many Americans think this could never happen here. It is sad that people can be so blind.

The reason they’re going to Europe is that people are telling them their free money and housing there. Europe needs to send a message there is no more money or housing and they will be sent back.

Trump has increased border patrol and illegal aliens are down 70%.

I think this is the beginning of fall of Europe.

This is what Muslims do. They’re filthy, evil creatures who have proven worldwide to being violently and completely unwilling to integrate with anyone. Islamic immigration must immediately stop, for all our sakes.

Wake up AMERICA and all of you Democrats who support the Muslims who are killing and torturing innocent people.

Is this what you support?

If it’s not, do something about it.

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