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Watch: Nancy Pelosi Slips up And Says the Republicans Attacks Against Her, ARE TRUE!

Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of why we need term limits due to the fact that when lawmakers start to behave and say things that are off-the-wall like she does, they will have a limited time to endanger our country, even if low-informed voters keep voting for them.

Pelosi’s behavior over the last several months is very disturbing. She can’t remember who the President is and keeps saying it’s George W. Bush. She loses her train of thought, is unable to pronounce the names of other countries, and now she’s botching commonly used phrases.

The House Minority Leader was speaking to San Francisco media when she admitted that the recent string of Republican attacks that paint her as an out-of-touch liberal elitist is true. Watch the video below!


KRON4’s Pam Moore asked Pelosi about how Democrats have lost some 1,000 elected offices since 2010, which has called some to question whether Pelosi should remain the leader of the Democratic Caucus, according to NTK Network.

“Is this a very personal fight for you inside the Party? Do you feel personal about it?” Moore asked Pelosi.

“No not at all,” Pelosi replied. “I feel very proud of the support I have for my members. I feel very accomplished about what we have done.”

Pelosi continued by telling Moore, “if you’re effective you will be a target, and the Republicans decided that I was effective, I would be a target.”

“So you will see around the country, cable cars in San Francisco and LGBTQ, and all of that. You’ll see that I’m so liberal, which I am,” Pelosi concluded. “That is part of the target that others in my own party have said, ‘well I want to be leader, so I’m going to join in on that.’”

The attacks Pelosi is referring to are ads that the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) and other Republican groups ran during Georgia’s 6th Congressional District special election.


When our leaders were Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Boehner, Ryan, McCain, Flake, and Lindsay, our nation almost died.

Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to all Democrats and Americans in general. Pelosi and most of the career politicians should go, without a retirement!

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