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Watch: Brainwashed College Students Think That ANTIFA Terrorists Violence Is Acceptable


Any American with common sense knows that the far-left Antifa (Anti-Fascist) is a group promoting Berkley riots.

They define themselves as anti-fascists who focus on “promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies.”

Antifa is recognized as a “Violent Political Social Experiment” with an emphasis on ‘Violent.’

As acts of political violence in America increase in regularity, a new poll shows that many college students have no problem with it.

Campus Reform recently asked college students in Washington, D.C. what they thought of the violence being committed by Antifa.

Their answers might surprise you…

Watch the video below!

Of those surveyed, a startling 19 percent claimed to support the use of violence to silence speakers they find offensive, the same perspective held by the increasingly violent Antifa groups around the country.

Wanting to see what college students in Washington, D.C. thought of Antifa, Campus Reform took to the campus of American University to ask students their opinion of the violent leftist organization recently labeled a domestic terror organization by the Department of Homeland Security.

Immediately, the students made it clear that they had no problem with the controversial group.

“I like them…beating up fascists is good,” said one supporter, while another claimed they were simply trying to “educate” their political adversaries, and violence was many times “a very powerful tool.”

Watch the full video to see what the rest of the students had to say:

Let me make this clear – these black-clad Antifa members are nothing but a fringe group of anarchists and rabble-rousers who are trying to use the fight against White Supremacists and Fascists as an excuse for their own thuggishness and violence.

It’s past time to designate Antifa as a terrorist group. Anyone who donates to them should be charged with supporting terrorists.

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  1. Today America is witnessing various anti American groups and harmful political elitists who are financed by liberal, progressive, socialist and left wing political anarchists…whose primary objective is to destroy the infrastructure of American government by means of agitation, discontent and rebellion in order to achieve their goal of a New World Order. These groups have been successful through their wealth and influence and have on most part…recruited liberal left wing educators and professors whose political ideology is similar to their own…and through continuous financial contributions and willingness to advance these groups agenda… have been able to corrupt and influence the direction which unsuspecting college students are lead. Students are constantly bombarded with extreme radical beliefs and encouraged by professors to possess and engage in political rebellion against authority be it federal, state or local level. Students are held hostage regardless of their scholastic aptitude by these same educators and either threatened or in many cases…grades elevated if students engage in protests and riots. Imagine today’s college student receiving grades without having to actually do the required work…top that with an incentive of actually being paid by the anarchist financier to protest any government policy, representative, and now the very essence of our nation’s history and of its people…but it doesn’t end there. These same financiers are contributing and encouraging racial divide, claiming inequality and depression caused by their societal rejection and blaming slavery for their injustice. The liberal/progressive elite understand the value of separating the masses and instilling fear and hatred among the populace which only strengthens their cause. The Alt left i.e. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and in some cases White supremacist groups have all fallen into this rebellious idiocracy controlled by those seeking to destroy our nation by whatever means are necessary in order of becoming part of the New World Order. The national theme of the Alt Left is to be inconsistent with legitimate government regardless circumstances proclaiming “They” are fighting for freedom, justice and equality when in fact they are the ones being played by their puppet master by doing the opposite. Until this masquerade is put to a stop by enacting anti violent protesting and rioting laws…we as a nation can expect the continuous onslaught of “Paid for” protestors and rioters…This will only end when federal, state and local government begin to charge and prosecute those creating the problem beginning with George Soros and the handful of political elitists managing these groups. For a majority to be controlled by a minority and do nothing…is succumbing to their political strength and surrendering what’s left of our American way of life, faith, history, culture and future. The choice is yours America!

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