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Watch This Video that TOTALLY EXPOSES John McCain!

How does John McCain keep his Senate seat as long as he has? He, along with Lindsey Graham are the Liberals’ best friends by supporting every disaster of a war that Obama came up with. Not to mention the war failures of George W. Bush.

We agree with Sen. Rand Paul: “We’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge.

It’s not enough to be a veteran if you are no different than any other underhanded politician who is only looking out for your paymasters.


The video below portrays all of McCain’s dirty deals in one fell swoop, including:

  • He collaborated with the enemy
  • He fought to keep POW records sealed
  • He has ties to radical Islamic terrorists
  • He receives money from George Soros
  • He has his own “foundation” just like the Clintons
  • He receives millions of dollars from foreign nations

What do you really know about John McCain?

Watch the video:


It’s no wonder this guy is always on the other side of the isle with the Democrats.

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