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Weirdo Biden Strikes Again And Creeps On Young Ukrainian Refugee In Warsaw (Video)

Vladimir Putin is “a butcher,” President Biden said Saturday, after he made an emotional trip to visit Ukrainian refugees at Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium.

“He’s a butcher,” Biden told a reporter who asked what he thought of Putin after speaking with just a few of the 3.7 million Ukrainians who have fled the Russian invasion.

“Well, you’re all brave, brave, brave,” he told evacuees during his 30-minute visit.

The president wore a black face mask and a dark blue baseball cap bearing the logo of the Beau Biden Foundation — but frequently lowered the face covering as he talked.

Biden just can’t seem to stop himself from creeping on young women and girls.
While in Poland on Saturday, Biden told a Ukrainian refugee girl at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw that he “loves” her and remarked about her “beautiful eyes.”

President Biden hugged the young volunteer and said “God love you.”

He turned to the translator and asked “How do you say, in Ukrainian, who do you owe those beautiful eyes to?”

“Your father or your mother? Who had the eyes?” Biden asked Victoria.

“Her mother,” the translator said.

“Mother’s eyes. You owe mama very big. You owe mama,” Biden said, then proceeded to mingle with other volunteers and refugees.

Video below:

Joe Biden also picked up a little girl, took a selfie with her, and told her he wants to take her home.

He hoisted a young girl in his arms and gave her a quick smooch — “I don’t speak Ukrainian, but tell her I want to take her home,” he told a translator with a laugh — and talked to a tearful woman who said she had lost track of her husband and son as they fought to defend their city with the Ukrainian forces.

Video below:

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