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Why Is A 6 Million Views Video Of The Attacks In Ukraine Actually A Video Of A Nasty Thunderstorm From January? (Videos)

Shocking images from Mariupol, Ukraine see the light of day. Yesterday, pro-Russian separatists hit the town with missiles. During the barrage, 30 people lost their lives while 102 were injured.

The videos uploaded on the internet show the size of the destruction while one of them actually shows the moment when a missile hits a central road. These are frightening, horrible images that depict the harsh reality of Mariupol citizens, as well as citizens from other cities in Ukraine.

We send our prayers for the citizens who were affected by the devastating attack!


But the question has to be asked why the most viral video from this morning is fake?

Or to be precise why is a 6 million views video of attacks on Mariupol actually a video of a nasty thunderstorm from January?

Video below:

Another viral video made the headlines for all the wrong reasons!

Wars are always accompanied by misinformation, which is why one should be very careful when distributing such videos. Regardless of this, attacks on Ukraine are currently taking place, there is no doubt about this.