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12-year-old Girl Forced to Marry 80-year-old Muslim Man (Video)


Muslim people need to be banned from America as soon as it can and for a good reason… Because there is nothing human about them.

A video is going viral showing a wedding between a 12-year-old girl and an 80-year-old man.

Watch the video below.

According to Conservative Tribune,  the “bride,” clearly a terrified child, sits dressed in lace and satin as the “groom” is welcomed into the room by a gaggle of black-clad women, who likely were forced into the same cruel fate themselves as children.

As the fossil climbed onto the bed with the girl, cameras snapped everywhere.

The poor child never looked up. She had likely been sold to the highest bidder, given away to settle a dispute or married off to seal a family alliance.

In the Muslim world, a man entering her bedroom would occur only after the marriage ceremony, so apparently, they’ve all gathered to celebrate the poor child being raped.

This is who liberal voters, liberal judges and liberal media are fighting for! We must know that Muslims will never assimilate, they will only follow Islam and Sharia Law! Just for the record, here in the U.S. marrying a child young as 12 or raping a child is called pedophilia!

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  1. Muslims do not belong is this country, the USA, because they are a danger to our national security. We need to stop them from entering our country, we will have to kill them. They as re an insult to our way of life. Make them all go somewhere else or all the freedoms we have fought for will be lost. Freedom of religion will be gone first because they think we should all be Muslim. Everything we have stood for around the world will collapse. The free world world be gone. This is not the way Christ would want us to live. If I am forced to live in such a backwards society, I will fight until my dying breath against it. They can cut my head off but that will never change my heart. They all need to burn in help for their sinful lives.

  2. It want be long and my God, the only true God will be parting those beautiful clouds to come and take his people home… I can assure you they will not be joining this, in less they truly repent…

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