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Muslim Migrant Horrified to Discover He Accidentally Ate Pork for First Time

Naz Ali, a Muslim man went to eat at a pub called Farmer John’s in Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom. He had never eaten pork meat due to his religious beliefs. He says he felt “degraded” after he was served pulled pork on his side of chili fries by staff at a pub.

According to The Sun, Naz Ali was stunned when he learned that pork had been in the chili, as he had assumed it was chicken. He wasted no time in running to the bathroom to vomit, and though he is a grown man responsible for his own actions, he blamed the restaurant staff for not telling him pork was in the dish.

Mr. Ali said: “My friend said I should check what I was eating so I asked the waitress and at first she had no idea.”


“Then she came back and said she was really, really sorry because it was pork. I had food in my mouth and I spat it out and went to the toilet, where I was sick. I felt degraded.”

“For religious purposes, I don’t eat pork and restaurants should be aware of what people of different religions can and can’t eat. It was a shambles,” he added.

The pub responded with an apology: “We are sorry for Mr. Ali’s experience, we have apologised and all costs for his table were waived on the day,”

Eating pork is strictly prohibited in  the Islamic faith.

This man is not a true Muslim. He is a fake just pretending to be a Muslim. A true Muslim would not eat a burger that is not sourced from halal meat providers.

Also, a true Muslim would not dine at a PUB, here alcohol is served.

Why is he so concerned about pork being an ingredient in a side dish when He did not question first is the burger Halal????

The restaurant is not responsible for everybody’s eating and dietary restrictions or requirements! It’s like a person with allergies they always ask are their peanuts, customers responsibility before eating to ask what’s in the food and not the restaurants obligation!

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