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Alyssa Milano, Desperate for Attention, Makes up Story About Being Traumatized by “Nazi Elves” In Christmas Store

Actress Alyssa Milano, desperate for her own victimization story on twitter came up with a real doozy where apparently she was traumatized in a Christmas store by elves doing Nazi salutes.

Of course, she could have easily snapped a photo of the Elves, but she didn’t post a photo to prove it.

It looks like twitter believes her story is a bit too far-fetched to be deemed credible without a photo to prove it.


Bizpac Review reports:

Actress Alyssa Milano was traumatized this weekend by elves in a year-round Christmas store.

According to the “Who’s The Boss” star’s account, elves in the unnamed store had their arms arranged in a Nazi salute.

She said she ran out of the store and her husband, Hollywood agent Dave Bugliari, stayed behind to fix all of the tiny elf arms.

And for some reason no one on her thread seems to get, Milano tweeted all of this under the hashtag #FireBannon.

It coincided with the trending #FireBannon hashtag campaign on Sunday by leftists who want to blame him for the attack in Charlottesville.

Many were skeptical of what Milano claims to have seen as she did not provide a photo with her tweet.

Perhaps she was in such utter shock that she ran out of the store, top speed, and didn’t think to take a picture.

But you cannot blame people when it is being reported by someone with a long and storied ax to grind with President Donald Trump and his administration.

And when an intense search of social media shows that apparently, she is the only human in New York City to have seen the alleged Nazi elves.

And why did her husband take it upon himself to fix them when most people would alert management?

Questions abound.

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