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JUST IN! Seconds Ago “MAD DOG” Mattis Sent Chills Down North Korea’s Spine With BRUTAL Message


North Korea poses one of the greatest national security challenges for Trump and Gen. Mattis as it tries to develop a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike America. Their every action is proof that not only they are one of the biggest enemies of America, but to the whole world too.

North Korea has a reputation of behaving badly for decades. Knowing that the former President Obama was soft and was all talk but no action, the North Korean leader Kim Jong is taking some wrong steps apparently thinking that it will be the same because we have nre president and Secretary of Defense!

The “MAd DOG”

Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters Monday that the U.S. military will shoot down North Korea’s
missiles if they fire on U.S. territory.

“We will take it out,” Mattis said of missiles fired at Guam, which North Korea threatened last week. He then added that if the North fires on the U.S., “it could escalate into war.” The secretary of defense left ambiguity over whether he was specifically referring to missiles launched at Guam, or if the same actions would be taken in the event that the North fired missiles toward or near U.S. territory, as it plans to do, according to North Korean state media.

“You can’t make all the decisions in advance. There are a host of things going on,” Mattis explained, “I need a certain amount of ambiguity on this because I’m not going to tell them what I’m going to do.”

As President Donald Trump stressed that North Korean threats will be met with “fire and fury like nothing the world has seen before,” North Korea warned that it is considering firing four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missiles into the waters off Guam in a show of force.

While there has been increased talk of war over the past week, the Trump administration has been steadily downplaying the treat of nuclear war with North Korea, which possesses an intercontinental ballistic missile and the nuclear warheads necessary for a strike on the U.S.

The Trump administration is currently pursuing a diplomatic solution while keeping military options on the back burner. “While diplomacy is our preferred means of changing North Korea’s course of action, it is backed by military options,” the secretary of defense and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a joint op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Under Obama, the US military has been held back and not allowed to do what they were trained to do. When the military had the conflict to the point of beating the enemy they were called off. It’s time, actually, past time to stop sacrificing American soldiers in life and death struggles they are not allowed to win.

Would you support a military strike on North Korea?

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  1. The time is to the point when turning the other check is not an option. If it needs to happen it needs to send a serious message to all, that we will not play games with the lives of our soldiers.

  2. NK is pushing the US and President Trump too far and if NK gets their ass whooped for it so what? It’s unfortunate the people there are raised to hate us but that’s the cost of war. For too many years now we’ve allowed way too much leeway when it comes to other nations/cultures and its time we fought back….HARD!!!

  3. Yes. If they shoot a missile toward any area that we protect or any country that is our alli, blow them up. Make sure you get their leader first. Then you can target the armies. Leave the people unharmed. The people need to have food.

  4. Real war cannot avoid civilian casualties while destroying military and government targets. It is past the time to stop pussy-foot dancing around North Korea. Their leaders lies, develops weapons of mass destruction, speaks of playing war games with US territory. We must destroy him before he can attack us.

  5. War is terrible. But should America ever be involved in another, we must not operate like we have in the last several. Like the WWII song, we won’t come back until it’s over, over there. Let’s not sacrifice our military into years of war and death like I served under in Vietnam, only to return home winless. Kick N.K’s ass if necessary, turn the country into sand, or STFU up Kim Jung idiot.

  6. Absolutely, North Korean leaders are to unpredictable. Nothing,should be left for chance with this country.

  7. I’m afraid that the military option is going to be the only solution to the North Korea problem. I’d say put the Korean peninsula back together under South Korean rule.

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