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Watch Amazing Rescue of Boy Barely Able to Keep His Head Above Flood Waters in Houston, TX (Video)

Via TheBlaze:

A young boy was stranded in rising flood waters in Lake Woodlands, Texas on Sunday, and according to an eyewitness, the child was stuck in the water for nearly 20 minutes before an involved rescue.

Resident Heidi Hall captured the dramatic rescue on video.

According to Hall, the boy and a friend attempted to salvage a kayak from flood waters. As a result, one of the boys became trapped in the treacherous waters.

“I couldn’t believe these two kids went after the kayak,” Hall said.

She continued, “The current was obviously really strong but they swam out anyway. One of them managed to get to the shore but this kid was stuck for about 20 minutes just holding on to a submerged buoy line. All of the major rescue teams are downtown so this group didn’t have time to wait for a boat to appear.”

“He could have lost his life just for the sake of a kayak,” Hall added.

The rescue

A small rescue crew was stationed at what appeared to be an outdoor staircase, and were positioned with a buoy line in hand while they attempted to tow the boy to safety.

The boy was eventually pulled to safety by those assisting in his rescue.

Cheers and claps erupted as the boy was pulled from the waters and onto safe ground, and a blanket was placed over his shoulders.

See the heartening rescue in the video below.

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