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Angry SUV Driver Runs Through ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Blocking Traffic (Video)


No President has suffered so much as President Donald Trump from Loser Democrats. Unfortunately, since President Donald Trump is the man in the White House it looks like “impeach!” is Democrat’s favorite world!

Nowadays blocking the roads and illegally detain others in order to prove something seems to become some kind of trend. Unfortunately for the protestors, they slowly realize that their actions have consequences… and the consequences are sometimes painful.

And once again we have another weekend of George Soros sponsored anti-Trump shenanigans by the Democrat Party terror group known as ‘Black Lives Matter.’ But this time angry SUV driver runs through ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs. Watch the video below!

In Missouri, driving a car into a crowd is assault, unless it’s a crowd of protesters.

During the video of the I-70 highway shut down by Black Lives Matter protesters, an angry driver plowed directly into a line of protesters. The video bothered me on a number of fronts and made me question whether a St. Louis police officer might have even given the go-ahead for the SUV driver to run directly into the protesters.

Watch as he steps on the accelerator and plows through the Black Lives Matter thugs, teaching them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Blocking roads and public right always is against the laws of protest, harassing drivers is the same, so expect to see more of the protestors run over when they try to block highways and public roads for protesting… Again, an illegal action.

The road is not the place to protest, you’re asking for trouble and you’re gonna get it, that what some want!!

Get off the roads! It is not a legal action of protest. End of story!

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  1. This is the biggest bunch of shit I have ever seen. Well if you Blacks don’t get what you want here in USA, You and your white friendship go back to Africa, where your people originally came from and give us normal humans here Peace. We will never miss you

  2. Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party are two different things – please quit associating them with one another.

    • George Soros, a major Democrat money man is the man and money behind the BLM movement. BLM was started as a means to break down Civil authority in America and start us down the path of a socialistic country. Look at all of the current Obama stuff on the books, it is all designed to make us a socialistic/Nazi style government. When people owe the government, they become the government’s slaves.

  3. Give the SUV driver a medal, any line like that tries to stop me and I’m afraid they just might get the same

  4. Anyone who blocks the road to protest needs to be hit and moved out of the way. I don’t deny your right to protest but if you deny my right to get where I am going I am going to run you over in a heart beat. Don’t like it don’t stand in the road

  5. You don’t block traffic. If you protest in the roadway you WILL be run down you dumbasses.just mindless sheep being led to slaughter by the paid instaiators who aren’t even there. So sad.

  6. People are sick of ALL the protesters!! They cause more trouble than they do good. It has become sickening. I would do the same as that driver. He didn’t try to hurt anyone, just move them out of his way. 💪🏿💪🏿

  7. Sorry if you block my car, surround it and try to keep me from leaving the situation. I would feel threatened and plow right through, I have seen people pulled from there cars and if you are dumb enough to stand in front of a car, you are dumb enough to get hit by said car.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I have watched it many times, but I have the song “Back in Black” playing as I watch. (The song actually came up on my playlist when I hit the link to see this story/video.) It does my heart a world of good to see that our country might actually have a chance! For anyone else who might want the extra boost, I’m going to share the link to the song. Try to get the song going and then click on the SUV/body slam video. Our great nation does have hope! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAgnJDJN4VA&list=PLQID2_TLWlir4HTa6_KtVXjniUbfnB5zr&index=5

  9. please stop this your being stupid . arrest them they are blocking traffic any other time they be in jail , why not now ? oooooo yaaaaa white people stop it , don’t support some thing that hates you dum ass

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