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Amazon Forced to Take DRASTIC Measures to Sell Copies of Hillary’s Latest Book

Hillary’s book is still not released and due to the low pre-order demand for it, Amazon has been forced to slash the price on it by 40% before it’s even available to ship.

That is still some expensive bird cage liner at $17, but I am sure someone will pay $17 for it to give their pet a treat and be the first to get some nice photos of the book covered in bird poop.

Via ZeroHedge:


Last Friday, in an attempt at humor, we shared a satirical note from The Onion suggesting that Hillary had already begun work on a follow-up book, entitled “What Also Happened,” intended to define precisely who was to blame for the failure of her first book, “What Happened.”

Alas, if prices are any indicator of demand, which they’re pretty much universally accepted to be unless you’re discussing minimum wages with Bernie Sanders, then Hillary may want to double down on efforts to rush out the sequel as both Amazon and Walmart have decided to slash prices of “What Happened” by 40% before the books even hit shelves.

After Hillary’s publisher Simon and Schuster suggested a price of $30, Amazon slashed prices to $17.99 earlier today…

…and Walmart quickly matched…

Of course, the reviews have already started to pour into Amazon even though no one has a copy of the book yet.  Isaac apparently hated the book because he’s tired of hearing Hillary “blame her failure on sexism.”

“What happened is she can not take responsibility for many of her own actions and blames her failure on sexism.

Ironically, it’s things like this that cause people on the fence go to the other side just to spite her.”

Meanwhile, DirtBird thought the book was great…at balancing out his uneven table…

Finally, for those who are interested in what Hillary has to say in “What Happened” but just don’t have time to read a book right now, we found this summary to be a fairly accurate portrayal:

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

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