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Hillary Clinton Just Hit a NEW LOW, Attacked Vladimir Putin for Being “White”

Hillary Clinton is now embracing the radical left’s anti-White race-baiting rhetoric by using the term “white” as a smear. The first thing she could come up with as to why Russian President Vladimir Putin is a bad actor is because he is “white.”

As a Democrat, if you have no history of doing anything significant while leaving a wake of harassing women to keep them quiet, allowing men to die in Benghazi, and mishandling classified information  you always have that good ol’ race baiting to fall back on.

Is Hillary psychologically projecting her own character flaws on other white people by claiming they are somehow despicable or evil because they are white like her?


We know you are evil Hillary and we also know it has nothing to do with the color of your skin  it has to do with your megalomania and detachment from reality.

Via Grabien:

In a bizarre moment during a recent interview, Hillary Clinton attempted to explain why Vladimir Putin is a bad actor — and the first thing she came up with is his “white” race.

The comments came during a promotional tour for her new book, “What Happened.”

Here’s a transcript of the exchange with CBS’s Jane Pauley:

PAULEY: “Are you surprised, though, that many of your countrymen actually might share Donald Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin?”

CLINTON: “I’m surprised and I am deeply disappointed because what they’re looking at is a white, authoritarian leader who has murdered journalists and his political enemies, who runs a regime of repression, who makes aggressive moves against neighboring countries, who considers himself an adversary to us, the United States of America.

“Make no mistake about it, there was something that was personal toward me, in part because as secretary of state I had stood up to him and had stated very clearly that we believe in democracy, we believe in the rule of law, and that all annoyed him. We also supported the aspirations of people for greater independence and freedom in places like Ukraine. That certainly annoyed him.

“So, that group that I think includes the President who look at an authoritarian and say, ‘Boy, would that be easy. He just orders people.’ And you know what? If they don’t do what he wants, they end up in prison, they might even end up dead, or at the very least exiled.”

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