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Watch Angry Muslims Beat Man Bloody Outside ‘Holy’ Mosque for Honking His Horn (Video)

It was reported that Muslims at a mosque at Austin Perdana, Johor Baru adjourned their Friday service to go outside and beat a motorist half to death who was honking his horn.

It appears the Muslims beat his car and bashed in his windows

The motorist got out of his car, which was a big mistake because it appears the crowd laid into him and beat him senseless with their fists and a traffic cone.


The woman recording can be heard saying he was seriously beaten by the crowd.

Scroll down to watch the videos below.

The Star reported:

Two videos of an altercation outside a mosque at Austin Perdana, Johor Baru on Friday afternoon are going viral.

The incident is said to have sparked when a man driving a white car honked repeatedly outside a mosque during prayer time because his car was blocked by vehicles parked on both sides of the road.

After prayers, it is believed that a group of men emerged from the mosque to confront the driver of the car.

In videos captured by bystanders, some men are seen kicking and hitting the car.

The driver then reverses the car suddenly in an attempt to escape the crowd, almost hitting a man standing near the car.

The men shout at the driver and then start bashing the rear car windshield with a helmet and orange road cone, breaking it.

The driver then steps out of his car, only to be attacked by the large group of men.

A woman is seen running towards the driver but is stopped by onlookers.

Several people gather to watch the altercation, but nobody tries to stop the fight.

A woman who took the footage is heard saying that the Camry driver is being “seriously beaten” by the crowd.

“There are hundreds of people here that beat up one man. He might be dead,” she says in Mandarin.

I guess the worshippers were acting on the wishes of their Prophet and Allah!

Watch the videos:

Pergaduhan Selepas Solat Jumaat! Austin Perdana (BOM321)

Pergaduhan Selepas Solat Jumaat! Austin Perdana, Johor

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UPDATE: info awal dari jemaah yang berada disitu mengatakan kereta tersebut tidak henti membunyikan hon ketika jemaah sedang solat. laluan tersebut dikatakan sedang sesak dengan kenderaan yang di letakkan ditepi jalan.

UPDATE 2: Penerangan dari jemaah yang berada masa kejadian ( lihat di bahagian komen)

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Gaduh Di Austin Perdana (BOM321 TV)

Rakaman dari sisi lain kejadian gaduh
Pergaduhan Selepas Solat Jumaat! Austin Perdana, Johor

Posted by Bom321 TV on Friday, May 5, 2017

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