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Antifa Terrorists Blocked Another Road – They Get a Rude WAKE UP CALL (Video)


No President has suffered so much as President Donald Trump from Loser Democrats. Unfortunately, since President Trump is the man in the White House it looks like “impeach!” is Democrat’s favorite world!

Nowadays blocking the roads and illegally detain others in order to prove something seems to become some kind of trend. Unfortunately for the protestors, they slowly realize that their actions have consequences… and the consequences are sometimes painful.

And once again we have another weekend of George Soros sponsored anti-Trump shenanigans by the Democrat Party terror group known as ANTIFA! But this time an SUV driver in Boston wasn’t about to have any of it. Watch the video below!

So the law-abiding American citizen did what any of us would do when surrounded by a gang of thugs wanting to cause him and his vehicle harm. So when the Antifa thug gave him the order to “Stay right there” he stepped on the accelerator and ran their communist behinds over, according to Freedom Daily.

After two people were hurt because of the SUV another member of the terror group surrounded the vehicle and was about to drag the citizen out of the car and do who knows what to him, but luckily police officials were able to get there first and come to the rescue of the driver. Glad to see the mayor of Boston didn’t order the police to stand down, like the mayor of San Jose did when the gang of illegal aliens attacked Trump supporters after the rally he had there.

Of course in the video, you can hear the terrorist Antifa members cursing up a storm in disbelief that the police would actually side against them. I guess they aren’t too accustomed to the idea of not getting their way, after all, I’m sure they have gotten their way since birth from the parents who gave them everything and who now own the basement they dwell in.

Blocking roads and public right aways is against the laws of protest, harrassing drivers is the same, so expect to see more of the protestors run over when they try to block highways and public roads for protesting… Again, an illegal action.

Get off the roads! It’s not a legal action of protest. End of story!

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  1. Antifa should just step down and stop their protests. It’s not going to do anything. The driver was probably in fear of his life so he did what natural instincts tell him. Flee or stay behind and get his windows smashed in and he dead. Blocking roads are the main Antifa’s step to creating chaos.

  2. Step in front of me is like trying to stop a Rhino with a bubblegum wrapper. Impede my lawful use of the roadway and they’re discover you along side a ditch. Remember, flesh and bone is no match for steel and speed.

  3. That is how it should be, the law is the law it neeeds to be done for us to be safe.may God Bless this country !!!!

  4. These are not protestors but are in their own words, communist seditionists seeking the overthrow and destruction of the country. Shoot them.

  5. I will slow down but will not stop . if they attack me and my car I will hit the gas. Anyone who would do different is an Idiot, if a group off KKK ASHOLES. Attack a black man in his car and try to stop them, not only does he have the right to attempt escape with his car. He has the right to shoot out the window , killing them while he is doing it. .and I would expect the same right to self preservation to apply if the crowd is a bunch of liberal protesters and the driver is a human being of any belief, no matter how repugnant.

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