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Larry Elder Suggests Obama Pays for His Family’s Slave History — Snowflakes Freak Out

On Sunday Larry Elder tweeted out a question asking if Barack Obama should use the money from his book deal to pay African Americans reparation because his ancestors were slave sellers and slave owners.

Liberals have cognitive dissonance when it comes to ancestors past behaviors and it’s OK to blame white people today for something they didn’t do but you better not blame a black person for his ancestors.

Naturally, liberals began to freak out at Elder’s fair and balanced question. How dare he!


Elders got hit with the standard “go-to” talking point for liberals, “you are a sellout” if you are black and don’t go along with the liberal view of things.

White people who have worked to advance the lives of black people must sill owe reparations for their ancestors I guess, but not Obama.

Pointing out the truth is now “embarrassing.”

He is pointing out the hypocrisy of the left and it went right over that guys head.

Right, because only liberals are allowed to have opinions.

Funny how the color of your skin determines if you are culpable for your ancestors actions. What do they call that? Oh, yeah, it’s called racism.

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