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PAID TERRORISTS! ANTIFA Tugs Want Their Money from Democrats Puppet Master SOROS (Video)


When I look at the time that Protesters got I wonder do they have a job or is this their job? These protesters need to get real jobs. They obviously have a too much free time or are paid for the time they spent on protests!

Earlier in the year, after Antifa successfully shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech by rioting at Berkeley, it was revealed that the Democrat terror group was funded by George Soros.

Now, alt-Left terrorist group, ANTIFA, want their money from Democrats puppet master, George Soros. Watch the video below!

Antifa protesters in Boston want their money. As you already know, there was a rumor about George Soros giving money to protesters to do exactly what he orders, according to Proud Patriots.

Later this rumor was confirmed as true with factual evidence that can be used at any moment as evidence in trial or prosecution.

After Charlottesville chaos, the nation was completely shocked after it leaked that a CA company pays $25 an hour for “actors and photographers” for FLASH MOBS. And of course, they advertised the Charlottesville attack, calling for new “actors and photographers” months before the protest.

But, in Boston, George Soros didn’t pay his debts on time. A Large group of protesters needs to get paid. Well, $25 an hour, that’s pretty nice salary for screaming and acting foolish.


It takes real guts to take Soros down, Democrats were paid by him, Trump does not need the money, he loves his country and fighting to make America great again, against all turncoats including George Soros himself!

George Soros needs to go! This guy is nothing but a thorn in the president’s side, he should be deported, he is not even a citizen of this country. He needs to be taken out.

I say freeze his assets. Keep him from accessing his money. It is a web of hidden money but I believe it can be done. Then begin the process to strip him of his citizenship. That is a very difficult and drawn out process. If it can be done he should be deported to Hungary where there is a warrant for his arrest. We should all support the President in the endeavor to get rid of Soros.

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  1. Soros is more than a thorn in Trump’s side. He is the Supreme Destroyer. The man has no conscience so is into everything. He needs to be arrested and charged with about a dozen things we’ve read about. I wish Trump would order it soon. Even the U.N. is trying to take over because of the things Soros is paying to have done to our country.

  2. Soros is a terrorist, no different than ISIS. He wants to destroy western civilization…He claims this has been his dream since WW2.. He is a twisted and evil man who needs to be stopped. Russia also has arrest warrants for this man. I say just hand him over to either Russia or Hungary for prosecution. Have a midnight black ops team kidnap him and deliver him …..JEFF SESSIONS NEEDS TO DO HIS JOB. HE NEEDS TO SEND IN FEDERAL MARSHALS TO KEEP INNOCENT CITIZENS SAFE FROM THESE THUGS. IT APPEARS THAT SESSIONS IS JUST ANOTHER CAREER POLITICIAN WHO HAS USED THE SYSTEM TO MAKE HIMSELF VERY WEALTHY, WHILE DOING NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PAY HIS SALARY….THE WORKING CITIZENS OF AMERICA.

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