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Black Lives Matter Activist Writes List of Demands for White People (Video)


Via RT:

A Black Lives Matter activist has come up with a solution to racial inequality in the US. Chanelle Helm, the movement’s organizer in Kentucky, wrote an article, making 10 suggestions for white people. The first says they should leave their property to minorities if they don’t have any descendants. The list also urges readers to record people who make racists comments in the workplace, and get them fired.

Via LeoWeekly.com:

1. White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.

2. White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.

3. If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free.

4. White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

5. White people, if any of the people you intend to leave your property to are racists assholes, change the will, and will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

6. White people, re-budget your monthly so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing.

7. White people, especially white women (because this is yaw specialty — Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy), get a racist fired. Yaw know what the fuck they be saying. You are complicit when you ignore them. Get your boss fired cause they racist too.

8. Backing up No. 7, this should be easy but all those sheetless Klan, Nazi’s and Other lil’ dick-white men will all be returning to work. Get they ass fired. Call the police even: they look suspicious.

9. OK, backing up No. 8, if any white person at your work, or as you enter in spaces and you overhear a white person praising the actions from yesterday, first, get a pic. Get their name and more info. Hell, find out where they work — Get Them Fired. But certainly address them, and, if you need to, you got hands: use them.

10. Commit to two things: Fighting white supremacy where and how you can (this doesn’t mean taking up knitting, unless you’re making scarves for black and brown kids in need), and funding black and brown people and their work.

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  1. This is what is wrong with this country today. Too many prejudice people and racial profiling. Noone owes you anything. Get off your ass and work for what you want or need, noone owes anyone anything for free. All whites are not bad and all blacks are not bad. Stop all the racists remarks and bullshit. Our country and citizens are destroying this country. Wake up America and fight for what is right

    • That is the problem. Blacks are living of our hard earned dollars and that’s not even enough. They think they are entitled to the property we worked and saved to buy. I would have it burned down in my will then to know some undeserving black lazy family get it. What really pisses me of is that they think they have the right to even ask straight faced. I had to work for every penny I earned and sometimes it came down to only pennies in my pocket.

      • Hold on blacks are not living off your dollars we are 12.7% of this country and of that less than 3% on welfare so stop it. Yea she is extreme but our relationship with this country fostered that. I can give a lot oh examples. But think about this taxes we all pay is used to give reparations to others that we had no hand in their circumstances but we invest. You don’t see a problem in that. I live in a 98% black neighborhood and it’s policed by a 82% white police force what do you think it looks like to me. And when it comes to education whe intrust our children upbringing to the same system that systematically destroyed our history and culture. Just food for thought; how would you feel with my tip of this iceberg?

        • Antonio, I agree with a lot of what you said, to a point. I agree on welfare and it really shouldn’t be an issue. I agree your relationship with the country has a lot to do with it. You say you live in a 98 percent black neighborhood that’s policed by an 82 percent white police force, how do you think it looks to them. They know everything they do is watched, somebody is just waiting to scream police brutality, profiling or who knows what the flavor of the day is. They also know they can be shot or attacked at anytime and if they have to defend themselves against a black person, they will be in the wrong no matter what and the media will go into hysterics.

          • And why aren’t other blacks in that neighborhood applying to be on the Police force? And just last week a young black woman felt she was owed reparations because of slavery. Seriously she said that. When asked if she had traced he family heritage back to know who in her family had been a slave she said oh we just moved here from Kenya but we would have been slaves. Really? I mean the education system in Kenya must be lacking for her to even say that. When asked how she supports herself she informs them she gets welfare. As for the relationship fostered you get what you put into it and that goes for any race. Sit back doing nothing you get nothing. Get out there work hard you reap the rewards. Easy as that.

          • Go to the same school system but drop out because the work is too hard. Welfare is much easier. Why are there not more blacks on the police force? One you need to want to work for a living and two you need to qualify. The opportunity is there. As far as supporting blacks, you state that 12.7 % and Less than 3% are on welfare. Is that less than 3% of the total population or if it were a percentage of the black population, it would be closer to over 50%. How about the paid assistance for having kids out of wedlock. And how about the large percentage of blacks in prison that are being supported? I know that there are many decent hard working black people in this world and there are many whites that fall into the above low life category. Difference is the whites in this category are not demanding that the blacks owe them a living.

        • Being a substitute and having a sister as a teacher, Parents need to be more active. She had a student that was spanked because he was CAUGHT stealing. She has kids proud of 300 dollar sneakers but have no school supplies. She has kids with attitudes, do not want to do homework, etc. combative and disrespectful. How do you reach the students to try and give them the tools they need for a better life when they don’t want them.

        • Yes the White Man (and Black), did terrible injustices to American Blacks,by ending the continuity of their culture and their beliefs. Don’t you think that after so many years, that Blacks would be done adding to the nail soup of negativity that has been created by many races . Unfortunately, poverty breeds negativity and desperation. That is understandable. But, that desperation has been turned into hatred. And, hatred is like cancer except it has the ability to spread like a contagious deseas. All the problems I have mentioned, can be lessened and even cured by Love. Jesus has told us that when you put your hands to the plow, you don’t look back. It is time for all races to work together, to become proactive and positive about sharing their God given blessings. However, God says that he helps those who help themselves. Therefore, we should act accordingly, by not giving to those who are lazy and hateful. They create a bad example for their own race. And, that puts a damper on the pursuit of “all men are created equal “. So, start spreading the LOVE.

        • Well you’re 45% of the crime and 14% of the population do the math and if people want to get out of the slums they have all the opportunity to go to schools and and make themselves better no matter what color of skin they have I work with a lot of fine colored men that work hard to raise your family’s proper and correct paid for their properties out of the money that they are earned and never expected anybody to give them crap

        • Why don’t More African American men become Policemen??? And my Mother grew up poor in the Hills of Tennessee . And when she grew up she didn’t think America or Americans owed her anything, my mother had a third grade education . So she ironed other people’s clothes Clean departments And cleaned homes . And she loved her country. If you don’t want to be poor , or your tired of being poor, it’s called Working!!!

        • Ok hold on here. Sounds like you work for a living. How would you like to be told you should take everything you worked for and just give it to someone because the color of their skin makes them more deserving of it than you? You don’t seem to appreciate many of the perks of freedom but it’s within your ability to change your situation. You complain about white police officers, we all know that equal employment guidelines require a police dept to reflect the population. The fact is as a culture you’ve raised your children to place more value in being thugs and single moms than being community oriented productive people so there’s not enough qualified applicants to represent blacks in your community, if there was you would have been suing long ago. I’m so sick of hearing about white privilege when laws are written that place the color of your skin above your qualifications when it comes to employment. You’re never done, nothing will ever be enough. Nonsense like this lady is talking doesn’t help your people it makes non racist people like myself want to gag. We are so sick of hearing about how bad you have it and how privileged we are. Try being the child of a disabled coal miner then speak to me about privilege. Try to put two kids through college at the same time and see the help that’s given to a black student and not to a white and then tell me again why I should take anything I’ve worked for and give it to a minority. The government has been doing that for years.

        • Wow why dont people want to work for own shit, come the fuck on what white privilege do i have i work 80 hrs a week for what i have. Maybe people need to b cut off of my tax dollars so they work their ass off like i do fuck giving or getting anything for free

        • 2015 there were over 6000 blacks murder. 98% of the murders where committed by other blacks. Why are white people be accused. Why are white people being blamed. I believe the problem is with in the black community. Why are so many black people killing black people. I believe a couple of weeks ago in Chicago there were 6 blacks murdered in one day. All of them were killed by other blacks. Why is anyone mad about that. Why isn’t anyone talking about that. I guess there lives don’t matter. Where is black lives matter.

        • This is all not what should happen. We all need to believe in god and pray to him. If you do godly acts you will get godly gifts. No one will give you anything with violence. We all need and have to work hard for what we want. Black, white, brown, yellow, etc. Dividing our race’s will bring an end to what you fight for. Fight for love and equality instead.

        • Percent of welfare recipients who are white / caucasian 16.8 % 11,405,000
          Percent of welfare recipients who are black 39.6 % 26,884,000
          Percent of welfare recipients who are Hispanic 21.2 % 14,392,000
          Percent of welfare recipients who are Asian or Pacific Islander 18 % 12,220,000
          Percent of welfare recipients who are Other / Mixed 4.4 %

    • Thats right….the old days of slavery is over in America..Time for people of all races to get up go to work and feel good knowing they done it themselves…

    • You said it… grown up people STOP teaching racism to your kids both white and black. Who gives a shit what color your outer color is. It’s your inner color that matters.

      No one owes anyone anything. Get off your ass get a job work as hard as I do and show your kids that hard work is what matters…..

  2. This racist piece of shit should leave her property to anyone who is not a racist, she should be fired, and people at work who promote racism should be fired no matter what color they are. I would never leave someone like her anything even if she was purple. Why is it ok for a racist to be lecturing anyone on racism

  3. How about the black or brown people work for a living and stop expecting to get something for nothing . I think black lives matter is just as racists as the white supremacy groups . minorities get a lot of stuff for “free” it’s free for them ,it comes from me working and paying taxes do they can get free medical ,welfare,ect ect . Mean while I got 3 kids and I have to pay $700 a month for medical insurance ,plus pay a $7500 deductible per person before insurance will pay 65% leaving me to pay $700 a month plus full cost for medical untill I reach $7500 per person So they will pay 65% leaving me to pay 35%.while they get shit for free

    • I didnt see a hispanic up there pandering. She doesnt speak for me or “my kind”. On my mothers side of the family we got to this country in 1964 with just the clothes on their backs. My grandparents worked their behinds off every day and with a lot of hard work, self discipline and lots of God’s grace were able to buy several homes and leave an inheritance to their children and their children’s children. Both my mother and her brother have worked all their lives and now their kids have gone to college and are working being good citizens of this great nation. If my grandparent and mother and uncle were able to do this, then anyone can. It just takes ganas (desire).

      • Thank you for the post. I have lived this story, however it was from the perimeter. I grew up in Pico Rivera and I am a witness to your story many times. My Mexican and Chicano friends and neighbors were hard working and family oriented. And that is not limited by race.

  4. It have been done ready and many places in Africa.
    The first people that should give away there properly should be the one with them .
    The Democrat.
    There will not give them nothing.

  5. Laughing so hard I peed on myself. This is ludicrous & therefore my response is BLMA get a job & buy your own property. I have worked since I was 13 & have NEVER had anything given to me so get off your _ _ _ & support yourself. If you can’t get a job then get in school until you qualify to be an employ & if that fails then go to a country that will give you property but definitely not mine. I would leave it to cats & dogs first. PERIOD

    • Oh & by the way it is not because of skin color it is because of ATTITUDE !!! The world does not owe you anything unless it is to say have a blessed day.

      • I got a nursing degree which was hard earned while raising two children, worked my butt off for 33 years until my back is so bad I am in pain all the time. Pay you? Are you nuts? You are supposed to earn your money the same way I did instead of telling us we owe black & brown people. We owe you nothing. Get a job like I did. End of story. What a ridiculous notion!!

      • What reparations are the gov. Paying with tax dollars ? It’s the new black culture .sagging pants , calling black kids in school out for acting”white ” because they try . The older generation of blacks i know valued hard work, made great sacrifices to make sure there kids recieved a good education . All the while battling real discrimination .

        • And as far as that goes even thought I’m from FL my grt, grt grand fought for almost 3 years and help burn Atlanta to the ground , so your welcome from my gritty gritty grandpaw and thousands who gave there lives to preserve the union

          • That’s what I keep saying! Why doesn’t anyone seem to remember that it was the many, many white men that actually gave their lives to free the black slave. What about saying thank you to those white men. They paid the ultimate price so the slaves could be free. It was a high and noble and righteous thing they did. I applaud them! How about reparation for the families of the white men that gave their lives so others can live free? Why is that not ever mentioned? Maybe because some people want the craziness to continue. Seems it’s working to benefits for some to have it this way. Hmm…

  6. Is this woman a comedian trying out for Comedy Central? She forgot to add Unlimited DBT Cards for all black or brown persons of interest.

  7. So basically blm wants free housing. Just one problem. Take a look at the projects in Chicago, Detroit, LA, or any other city. Those are the epicenters of gang violence which is responsible for more deaths of black people in one year than all police shootings and kkk lynching EVER!

    Here’s a counter proposal: Get off your your ass and work for what you want like us white people. Privelidge is what you EARN by being RESPONSIBLE.

  8. How about the black and brown people that she’s speaking of…go to school, get an education, a good job and buy all those things for themselves…..STOP LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS!!!

  9. There have been MANY people of all races who have “worked” at raising themselves and their families out of poverty. Generational poverty is not a given. I personally witnessed the art, for lack of a better word, of using the system. I was working and saw young girls, starting about 14 years of age, giving birth over and over and sharing their children with grandma. That way all could still bring in the food stamps, subsidized housing and a certain amount of cash each month. Just honestly telling what I saw. I am not saying all use the system this way. Somehow they got off their butts and found a way to better their situation in life. White privilege? Hah!! Working class, high school educated. Until my children, nieces and nephews came along, college was not an issue. Our downfall maybe but our children, thank God, have done better and I pray the grandchildren will also. I don’t think I ever had a job awarded to me due to white privilege. You have to get out there and apply. No one is going to knock on your door and hand you a job. Excuses are just that. Excuses.

  10. its always about give me this and give me that they want everything handed too them thats why there bitching now cause trump is taken all the freebies away and they might have too go to work

  11. Lady you to stop taking out of your ass because white don’t owe African American people anything so get off your soapbox and stop this shit . Black life matters are just as bad as the kkk

  12. Using all the BLM and alt left thought processes it can be said that the much of the black community should be thanking all those that brought slave to this country regardless of the race, color or nationality of the culprit. I get tire of hearing how white people owe black people for issues such as slavery. That might have held water from the slave owners to those that were slaves but that is where that ends. We all have been and still are slaves in some way. Why do hard working people need to support lazy people that refuse to work because the government will support them? As for my comment on people thanking those that brought the slaves over that is both satire and a reality check. By the same concept that “whites need to pay blacks for the bad inflicted on them” had the slavers not brought slaves over to this country, all the people than can trace their linage back to slavery would in fact be born and living in places like the bush of Africa and living a much worse life than they are living in America. That is food for thought. I am a realist not a racist and I feel everyone should be productive and useful members of society with race sex, color, religion all being non issues. The best person should get the job without an affirmative action plans. Any any person of any color who this people of another color should do anything for them is a huge racist. Maybe the whites thought then non whites should work free for them and be slaves but that is the exact same racist BS that the BLM is spewing that whites need to pay them. Racism is racism no matter the color it is from or directed at. An another truth is it is the BLM or KKK crap that is spewed that is creating a divide and racism to grow and not the majority of the people but these idiot faction talk load with their racist action and speech.

  13. That is really funny and just confirms who the racists are! And, that they want everything we work hard for, for free. It would be a cold day in hell before I adhere to any of this bullshit.

  14. What’s her phone #, I would like to reply personally! It would go something like this… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. Does she understand that there are property taxes and upkeep and insurance and utilities or is the government plantation system in her plan to cover those costs? When will the tremendous sense of being SELF empowered and the master of your own destiny be reintroduced into her value and cultural system?

  16. Work for what u want , like pretty much everyone else does. U work u get. There r many black n brown people who work very hard to have what they have. So stop being a victim. EVERYONE’S LIFE SHOULD MATTER ! It sound’s like u r the one who is racist.

  17. I don’t owe anything to anyone. They think they are entitled to everything we have. She has to work hard just like everyone else to earn money. These BLM activists have nothing better to do than pick on people who never owned a slave in all their lives. These people tell their kids to hate us because they blame us for their enslavement. They just keep moving in the wrong direction.

  18. To quote a great black political leader,”If you don’t like my politics,than win an election”.
    B.S. aka B.O.

  19. Everything she said is racist, she needs to be talking to the filthy rich, I am white, and did not come from a privileged​ home, I was born into poverty, and was raised in a children’s home, and as an adult today, I might still be poor, and have nothing to my name, I ask no one to ” give ” me anything, I work for what I get, and I am proud to have, what little I have today, and proud to be born in the United States of America, All of us are responsible for our own well being, People owe you nothing, you owe yourself a better life, work for it, earn it yourself.

  20. how much hate from either side can we handle….. ???? Maybe she should focus on education! She may be able to make a better plan and statement as well!!

  21. Someone should tell her that 70% of black children are raised in a family with no father. Maybe even she was. Get blm to address that first. I grew up with some black families in Calif. they had fathers who gave them support to make something of themselves. When I look back at my hi school , I found most of them went on to be fathers with good jobs and families in good med income neighborhoods . Several are on professional fields you have to get off your ass, work hard and work smart. Looking to the Govt for help is not going to do anything for you long term . This ladies ignorance is overwhelming.

  22. I do not owe anyone anything….nor does any other “white” person owe a “black” or “Brown” Family anything. Teach your kids to work for what they want…no matter their skin color.

  23. You worthless piece of shit. Go get a job and work for what you want
    Stop sucking off the working people. We don’t owe you anything.

  24. Oh WOW! is this woman racist or what. get a job lady and give your money away. Also, there are other “minorities” besides black and brown. Sure hope you don’t have any children.

  25. Wow, I’m a 35 yr old white female who was born in poverty.
    I also had to live in Foster Care.
    I work my ass off for everything I have.
    I have a house in Texas and I’m only a high school graduate.. I’m tired of people staying victims of their own circumstances. Stop being a victim and rise above.
    The best revenge in life is too live it to the fullest.

  26. Why should we do that our white ancestors paid good money for there slave to work the land and make it what it is today. You think were fools.

  27. You see her sloppy English and bad grammar? She is an illiterate ass wipe and her organization BLM is the Klan with a Tan.

  28. Um, I learned a while back, there are wealthier Black people per US capita than any other race in the country. Not to deminish the needs of the White and Black and those in between poor- but perhaps our wealthy Black Aristocrats might want to chime in on this tall “order” from yet another “community organizer”.

  29. It’s people like this that feed the other racist bastards and build them up.
    She does not want equality, she wants slavery restored and her and her ilk as the slave owners. Not on my watch.

  30. Wow, there is a lot of anger & hate there. I feel for her; living this way is destructive, demeaing & limiting. One question I have is, why is this being given air time in the 1st place? In a broad sense, how important are her comments, opinions – really? Is not this what he was really after? What I find interesting is most people of color haven’t done their homework & due diligence: white people didn’t start enslaving the black people – black people sold black people. ANYBODY who bought another human being for the purpose of slavery was wrong. Our God meant for humans to be free. WHY does she feel that all white people owe black/brown people something? I am white & so far from wealthy it’s ridiculous. My husband & I have worked very hard for all that we have & God has been very gracious to us. If we wouldn’t be working, we wouldn’t have what we have. Period. No one GAVE us anything. God says that he who does not work should not eat – in other words, be responsible for yourself (& what you put on this earth). On another note, look at her language: some of it reads as from being scooped out of a gutter. There is no need for that type of language. If she wishes to be respected & better herself then her language must change. Her writing backs up her mind & she comes across as uneducated, unintelligent, bigoted, angry & hateful. She seems to want everything handed to her (& others) that everyone else must work for. This is an entitlement attitude & one that is poisoning this country. She is focused on her problem & not on any solution. You cannot continue to do the same things the same way, if they aren’t working, & expect a different result – things don’t work that way. It has been proven that those who are given everything have no appreciation for anything & will continue to expect more; those who work for what they have appreciate things & understand the value of responsibility. It’s so sad to see an adult have an elementary attitude. Anger, hate & bitterness are like cancers & will continue to eat at her from the inside out; these emotions take a lot of energy – energy that could be better spent finding solutions to her issues. Folks, she needs our heartfelt prayer – we need to storm the gates of heaven on her behalf, rebuke the spirits of oppression, anger & hate in the name of Jesus & they WILL go because they MUST – they are powerless against the name of Jesus! Don’t hate her – she’s speaking out of what she knows & she just needs to know Jesus. He loves her dearly & gave all He had to set her free. So let’s get down on our knees & rock the gates of heaven in her stead. Be persistent. Keep pushing through. Don’t give up. Retreat is NOT an option!

  31. P.O.S.!!!!! She will rot in hell before I give even a good damn about their worthless fat lazy good for nothing wretched selves!!! They have not, cause they work not!!! Enjoy your life of poverty loser!!!😡

  32. Entitlement mentality. Should I demand money from Obama or Danzele Washington because they have and own more money than me? Shouldn’t they spread the wealth to me since they are black privileged? Shouldn’t Michelle Obama stop buying expensive designer dresses because she is privileged enough to wear them and I am not??

  33. Sounds to me like BLM are racist “10 suggestions for white people” that is pure racist. Why demand things of white people and then white people cant demand things of black people. Why are we demanding anything from anyone? Get over your racists ways, get out and get an honest paying job and buy your own things like the rest of the world does. This world is not a black, white, red, or yellow world, It is God’s world, and He forgives us of our sins not the color of our skins. I sure would not want to be standing in your shoes on judgement day Chanelle Helm. God help us all against all that is EVIL!!!! AMEN!

  34. She is making a racist assumption about white people. Not everyone is born with or has privilege. Some of us struggle paycheck to paycheck to work for what we have. My ancesters came here after the civil war. I agree that everyone should have equal opportunity. Housing, school and training need to be available to each person. Every person should have the same rights under law. There’s white people been homeless too. Each person should be willing to work if able bodied.

    • Dave, You noticed some thing that no one else who commented did and that is that she did NOT ask for a JOB–I would like to know if she does work ? how much education she has?–is she married? does she have children? is the man she is living with the father of ALL of her children? Do her children go to school regularly? have the older ones graduated? What church does she attend and do her children go regularly?Has she ever added up the total amount of money she receives per month? when she pays for her groceries with her food stamps is her cart full of high price steaks and other things that most white folks get only a few times a month and how much has she spent on junk food? does she have her hair braided by a professional and does she have her nails done by a professional? I ask these questions because these two things cost a LOT of money and that money would go a long way to help her provide for her family. I grew up poor, but I was taught to go to school, get a job, get married and then have children–pay for what you buy–no charging– Most of this will fall on deaf ears or if any black or brown person does read it,they will probably have the mind set of Miss Channell–and get angry with me. oh well–such is life.

  35. It’s a sad state we find ourselves in when racism against whites is universally accepted, and scapegoating is the norm. The country was so hopeful that this century was going to be one of bridging the racial divide, instead we have asshole alt right and asshole alt left racists pushing their sick agendas upon the rest of us who would be content to live our lives. There is no racial inequality in this country where opportunity is concerned, and as for so called “white privilege” I’ve never seen that. I bust my ass to survive, by working two menial jobs. Nobody ever gave me a handout for being white, in fact, due to prejudicial hiring practises —affirmative action–i have lost out on several exonomic as well as educational opportunities. Race should never matter where merit is concerned, whether the best person for the job is male, female, black, white, red, yellow, brown, or any shade in between skill and merit should be the only factors.
    America, love it, or leave it. Try to destroy it from within…myself and every other patriot WILL oppose you!!!

  36. That rant is insulting to me in so many ways. Come on FB stop hateful, racist comments from the likes of this woman. No wonder Snap Chat is getting your FB business. I am an ANGRY woman! 😡😡

  37. Get…a…job. Because you are going to need it.
    I would like to know how “they” intend to pay the mortgage, the electric bill, the gas bill, the water bill, the trash bill, etc. And how do they think they will pay for the roof in 20 years when the shingles need replacement, or the hot water heater, or the repairs on items that need maintenance and upgrade? You will need to bring in about $2400 to pay for the bills that come with that house.Oh yeah, you must want that free too. No logic and no common sense.

  38. AND………..this isn’t racism ?
    And here is an idea,
    If I didn’t have descendants, I’d leave my house to a homeless veteran and wouldn’t care of their “color”. They are the reason you can sit there and say the things you do. Maybe you should think about that !!!

  39. Sorry about your luck, but due to my white privilege I had to work for everything I own. Care to share some food stamps with this old cracker?

    • the Kentucky BLM director is most likely paid very well by George Soros! This is one of his well-funded organizations aimed at global domination. Why aren’t people, regardless of their color, paying attention?

  40. Omg get real white people do not owe you anything. We are not our great grandparents or even great great grandparents. Anyone that agrees to this needs to get over their selves… And get a job if you want that nice big house!!!

  41. Miss BLM activist you just show the whole world who the real racist is with all your antiwhite comments I hope you’re proud of yourself not everybody’s a racist that’s why there’s a whole Lotta black racist and you just proved it again I hope you’re proud of yourself why don’t y’all just get jobs take care of your own like the rest of us poor white people do you have a good day

  42. This bitch needs to be drug tested…or put on the tonight show cuz she’s a funny bitch.
    Everything I have is because I earned it and worked for it. No one gave me a dam thing.
    So kiss off fatso, get a job and earn your living instead of expecting the mailman to bring you a check and food stamps for you and your 17 kids with 5 different baby daddy s.

  43. No one has ever given me a blessed thing….what I have…I’ve worked extremely hard for…so…when this person puts as much effort into WORKING FOR A LIVING as she does BEGGING FOR A FREE RIDE she will be self-sufficient..and owing nothing TO anyone…very quickly. Clean up your act and work to get where you want to be…until you do…you.will.just.spin.in.place.

  44. So instead of these blacks that are so in need getting off their DEAD ASSES and getting jobs this POS wants the whites to just turn their homes that THEY worked hard for over to them. This woman is the opidemi of a full fledged racist POS B. How in God’s name can ANYONE take this idiot serious? She needs to go home and get a job and work for what she wants. Look around you woman. People of ALL races are doing it. People like you make me sick and it is past time for the government to label you for what you are. A TERRORIST. A person that purposely goes out to insight violence bigotry hate and racism. I pray that people will start thinking about how stupid this woman is and just stop following her ignorance. Remember you are perceived by the company you keep. And STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. If you act stupid that is how people will perceive you and treat you accordingly.

  45. Want in one hand and shit in the other hand guess which one will fill up faster . What’s wrong is the black lives matters hate and racist group needs to get a job and quit waiting on the white race to give them entitlements I think we should pay all living previous slaves one million dollars

  46. SO.. you want all the whites to GIVE everything to the blacks… so they can destroy it like they did to Detroit, Chicago, Philly, LA and so many other places… They just want FREE stuff and when they don’t get it they bring out that famous RACE card and use that to try and make us feel like WE owe YOU something… WE OWE YOU NOTHING…. Get off your butts, get a job and EARN what you want… Tired of all this whining about being discriminated against and do something useful instead of killing each other and destroying things. YOU lady are the racist… YOU feel that people that work all their lives to make a good life for them and their families owe the lazy, welfare leeches something. WRONG ANSWER

  47. It can be statistically demonstrated that any region of the USA with a higher percentage black population also has a much higher crime rate above the crime rate typical of the non-black population, including Asian people and whites living together. Black people take from the non-black US population in the form of crime activity such as burglary, car theft, illegal drugs and all other crimes. So black criminals are constantly on the take, in addition to welfare payments. But now it seems that this constant bleeding of the economy is not enough. Privileged placement in colleges and employment is not enough. Those who provide privileged placement and welfare for blacks are saying that blacks are not capable of competing with whites and Asians in school or employment unless given an additional point margin. That is the ultimate racist judgement of black people. We all need to be judged by the same standard without special concessions for certain ethnic groups.

  48. oh, she is so sad.we have worked all our lives for what we have and feel blessed.nobody gave us anything (WORK) thats the only way. hate will get them nothing!!

  49. Is she kidding? Well then she should be fired immediately for being racist and she certainly looks suspicious. And what is with the generational poverty? That’s just another way of saying they will continue to live off the government as long as the programs work for them (and white trash as well). My parents were not rich but made a better life for us kids by working harder and at jobs that had an opportunity to advance. I started out as a stock boy at a small grocery store and have busted my ass to get what I have without a college degree. I’ll be damned if I would leave my property to some lazy ass who hasn’t or ever will work for what they have.

  50. White people do not owe anything to a racist that wants everything given to them. Slavery has existed throughout history , with every race, color or creed included. So get up off your fat ass, get an education and a job. Support yourself and then you can be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. Stay off of the internet where you have made a fool of yourself and embarrassed others of your race who are productive citizens of our society.

  51. Here is a Black example of being a racist. I have worked my backside off for many, many years. I have paid my taxes faithfully for all that time. I have
    gone out of my way to help people. I have part of my life to get an education for me to be able to do this. Now you are telling me to give everything that I have earned, yes earned, not given to me. What gives you the right to ask for this? What have you done to deserve this? Why is the Government doing for you with everything that we have been giving to LBJ’s great society for over one half of a century? We are already helping you and what I refuse to do, is to do everything for you. They majority of us are already giving thru our taxes. If what you are getting out of it if not enough or does not seem fair enough, I suggest that you direct your vitriol and energy toward our Government and bemand an accounting of what we are already giving;
    I.E. where is it going? How much of what we are already giving is going toward the purpose for which it was intended. How much is being skimmed off the top for other purposes by both parties, black, brown, yellow, red, or white.
    I am sorry to have to add the following remarks. If you want to be a representative for your race, and want to be taken seriously, please take a course on grammar and ways of speaking so you will not be dismissed by others. The Government should make this a free night course for anyone that wants to attend. Learn how to speak without immediately being dismissed as (sorry) a type of thug that has to be the only one heard on a conversation that involves more than one side. Your words tend to “turn off” the attention of the very people that you want to speak to. You have to be willing to participate in a dialog, not a monologue. As long as you speak on this type of manner, the very people you are talking to will either adopt a defensive attitude, or will dismiss you entirely. Certainly, Dr. King did not speak the way you have. Listen! People of all colors listened to him!. Put your coalition together using facts (being able to cite the source of these facts). Stop turning yourselves into the very stereotypes that most Americans (again all colors) feel most afraid of, and feel most threatened by. Trust in what I say. Take this to an unpartial source to be analyzed and structure what you want to say in such a manner that is more logical and is based on facts. Make sure that you can give the source for your facts. Lastly, stop coming across as threatining. That will always put the other side in a defensive position, and be less likely to take you seriously. Also, trust me, we do not want or need another civil war.
    Thank you for reading my opinion.

  52. I can’t leave a comment! I’m lagughing too hard!!!!! Yeahh…good luck “wit dat”!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. First of all people that play the system for all their lives regardless of color and live off free handouts from the working class would never take care of what they get! Why? Because they didnt raise a hand to get it so they dont care about what they get! BLM get of all your fat lazy asses and get your own! Then clean up your street corners and neighborhoods! Tear down the crack houses, arrest the gang bangers, arrest the pimps and live like good citizens. Support your families, stop having fatherless children just for a free ride! Thats how your neighborhoods got in the state they are in now! NOTHING WORTHWHILE COMES FOR FREE!
    Now if that doesnt sound like a good idea then I have the only free handout available for you. FREE ONE Wy BOAT TICKETS TO GO BACK TO THE JUNGLES OF AFRICA!

  54. HAHAHAHAH if the white people are keeping the black people down then why did we just have a black president and a black attorney general? why are the american colleges FULL of asians and indians and japanese? i guess we decided to make the inner cities like chicago and atlanta and detroit and camden places where black men kill other black men because someone “damaged their rep”….this chick is too stupid to breathe on her own

  55. This woman is a racist. She judges people for the color of their skin. Her ignorance and her attitude is no different from the disgusting hate groups in this country. I pity her. My life has been so enhanced by relationships with people of every color, creed, or sexuality. Diversity is America’s strength. Racism must be eradicated.

  56. You can take your 10 ideas for white people behavior and shove them up your black racist ass. And while you’re at it shove a couple of your black activist (terrorist) buddies up your ass as well

  57. First of all this is completely racist bullshit she is very racist herself so let’s find out where she works and get her fat ass fired oh wait I’m working so she can stay at home and live for free on welfare secondly I served my country what in the hell did you ever do except cause problem not only did I serve in the military I served helping black brown white who ever put as I am also a nurse we all bleed the same ppl like her is why this damn country has the problems we do now and why us white ppl are getting pissed off ! Ppl like her is what making me starting to use such hate words for lazy low life users

  58. What a total moron!!! Lots more i can say but its not worth the effort… get a life you total fucking moron

  59. I’m white got three kids I support them all by myself and you want me to give what little I have to needy black families not all white people have this private you speak of so how about you encourage all people to get a damn job stop acting like thugs and buy there own stuff they will find themselves still struggling like the other 95 % of the population

  60. Get rid of welfare, put them on bith control and make them get a job. I am a white person who worked from age 16 to 60 years old. I always had two jobs at one time and never asked door help.
    Get off your back side go to school and work to improve yourself. I see people in welfare who care more about how they look, ie…latest cloths fashion, crazy hair do’s, nail with crazy designs, and vehicle’s that are deck out but look ridicules. If you can have all that you should not be in welfare.
    If I had property and no one to give it I’m surely not giving it to anyone who can’t get off their backside and work and expect to get things for free. I had nothing to do with slavery, so I owe to nothing. Jewish people had it way worse then anyone and you do not see them causing all the craziness that is going on. What’s wrong with the country is patentable not raising there kids to respect other and their property. They need a swift kick in the back side and parents need to set rules and the consequence that will occur when the rules are not followed.
    You need to take your demands and go away.

  61. You do not deserve anything from white people. Get off your ass and get a job. Quit living off of the ” we were slaves and treated badly. I agree but that was generations ago
    This has nothing to do with you. You are using the black lives matter racist game. I am from Ireland look up my ancestors and see how bad they were treated. So get the fuck over it. Get a job . Maybe a good idea to quit killing each other also.but oh I forgot that’s white people fault.
    Put on your big girl panties. And no one is to blame but your self. AND YOUR NOT getting our HOUSES..BUY your own..Get off your pity trip!!!!!!!!

  62. I think the Police should keep an eye on this maggot pest who has no right to demand not even a welfare check. This parasite and her followers should be dealt with with incarceration for their threats to the People.White people owe nothing to blacks or hispanics. Only fools fall fot the slavery crap and the lost mexican or Native land.

  63. Black people living in a low poverty my word of advice get a job stop depending on othets for what u want grow up and earn a life….
    You dont owe me anything and i sure as hell dont owe you anything. Also do your self a favor and the rest of the world if you by some mircale get off ur ass and start earning a living and are able to move up in the wirld and more oyt of your getto… then by all means do so but leave and i applaude you but leave your getto behind dont bring it uptown to our neighborhood…

  64. I must apologize for my own errors in spelling and grammar. It would seem that I was trying to type my comment too fast before I lost my train of thought. Also these comments were in no way meant to be racist or judgmental. They were meant to be constructive and educational.

  65. Technically, no one but The God(s) own Their earth.

    No one has to pay anyone else to exist on God(s) Earth.

    Humanity is like every other species, a full rainbow.

    We need to unite all ‘hate groups’ to get We the People ready to receive our gifts of gold from The God(s).

  66. First of all whites owe blacks nothing! And this white privilege pissed me off. My white privilege is to work my ass off everyday and drink struggle to get by. And this racist shit about little dick white boys is racist bullshit, I’m white and have a long thick dick and will gladly facetime with you and let you see. I’m not shy.

  67. Pathetic She Certainly has a right to express her opinion as so many do on this venue, I can see no logic or point to her rambling & certainly it did nothing positive for Organization the Post claims she represents,of course currently communication to resolve issues is does not exist in our society at present & it appears that all the Political Parties do is use the conflict to further divide us, raise revenue for their campaigns and maintain their precious Office for PERSONAL POWER, PRESTIGE, & WEALTH, However This is MY OPINION & Has No More Weight Than Ms HELM’S

  68. Former President Obama brought these people to the White House and said they were doing great things for the black community!
    The Black Lives moment is no better thing any other racist group out there so many people white and blacks are ready to be led around like sheep to the slaughter. OMG how messed up this country has become. I will continue to pray for the lost in this country America needs more prayer. Less violence hatred and bigotry’s and racism and more caring about each other

  69. This has to be a joke or she is crazy. You want a house – get a job or two and buy one just like my husband and I did. Took us 30 years to pay it off so you think we should give it away instead of it being our inhertence to our kids or taking care of us if we need medical or nursing home care. There is nothing free in this world honey…you want something, go work for it. And just in case you don’t know this – there are poor Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian & Native American people in this country too; who are working their butts off just to survive, are homeless or living in squaller. How about you getting them a house for free.

  70. How very ignorant! This woman sets the black’s cause back and makes us look like fools and nig nogs.
    How is it possible for such a bigot to gain any traction?
    I am appalled that proper decent folk may consider this Daniel speaks for me.

  71. Yaw tokk like a ghetto rat. “Get they ass fired”?
    Silly heffer need to get her large oversized mishapen lazy ass educated. Y’all feeyah me?.

  72. This racist bitch has done lost her mind, get the fuck off welfare and earn you a house and property. When are y’all gonna stop thinking that this country owes you something or better yet that today’s white generation owes you something. Get off your lazy ass and spend 30 years working and paying for it the same way we do! True racist libtard!

  73. Racism against whites! Come on!

    What you’re failing to comprehend here is the fact that people of colour will be given less opportunities than their white counterparts. People of colour are paid less and therefore less likely to be able to get into the property ladder.

    You look down from your ivory towers screaming “I worked hard for my money”. No one is saying you didn’t. You talk about how your own life was less than privileged. It’s not about you as an individual.

    We have a collective duty to fix this shit.

    • Ivory tower? I live in a tiny townhouse I struggle to pay the rent for every month. I don’t have a ‘collective duty’ to fix anyone’s shit but my own. Get off your high horse, stop arrogantly lecturing others from the heights of your fake moral superiority and stop pushing the same nonsense stereotypes you claim to be against. If you can’t see that fat, foulmouthed twit for the ridiculous, outrageous, racist scam artist she is than that’s your problem, not mine. What you fail to comprehend, because smug, lecturing liberals always do, is that most ‘people of color’ are just as tired of oblivious, arrogant white liberals who falsely believe they are the self appointed moral guardians of all black people as everyone else is. Want to sacrifice yourself on the altar of political correctness? Go right ahead. Just don’t expect those of us not blinded by liberal hate and division they pretend is tolerance and compassion to follow you.

      • You are intentionally misreading my comments. Ny being white you are automatically more privileged. I allow my friends of colour to lead the way in dismantling the institutional racism we all have inside of us. Also, where did I lay out my political leanings? I didn’t. You made a judgement. My colour is also not apparent from my post.

        You ought to look beyomd the end of your nose from time to time.

        You cannot

    • if life is so horrible here then perhaps those who are disenchanted should go back to the country of their ancestral roots and see what life would have been like had they not ended up here to begin with. I believe life would have been much worse and slavery was just as prevalent there amongst many tribes so WTF?? Get over it.

  74. You blacks owe the White Community reparations for enslaving whites in Africa over a 3,800 year period, and not to mention all of the atrocities that you have committed against whites over here. Blacks are still taking slaves over there to this very day! We demand our reparations from you right now! Pay up! White lives matter! No more black supremacy!

  75. Its gonna go the same way it did in South Africa, eventually they will outnumber the white people and then they will have a permanent OBAMA in power, probably not wanting to let of power and then legislation will force you to give your half your company to a black person, or a few black ppl, and so on and so on

  76. I’m tired of hearing “white privilege!” I guess it means…..
    working in school to get the grades to get into college WITHOUT the benefit of affirmative action…
    it means getting accepted to the school I chose WITHOUT the benefit of affirmative action….
    it means working to get the knowledge to become successful in a career… again without the benefit of affirmative action….
    it means working hard to perfect that career….
    it means EARNING the money to BUY the things I wanted in life………. not expecting it to be given to me or stealing it!!!

  77. Sorry chic’ but you are owed nothing. I don’t care what color you are, no one has to leave anything to you or anyone else. Get off your ass and work for it like all the rest of us had to. I am willing to bet that if the majority of minorities would get off welfare you’d get somewhere!

  78. You blacks owe the White Community reparations for enslaving whites in Africa over a 3,800 year period. Blacks are still taking slaves over there to this very day, and not to mention all of the atrocities that blacks have committed against whites over here! We demand our reparations from you right now! Pay up! No more black supremacy!

  79. Sounds like a person that always wants something for free and you thing it is owned to you.
    Well you are WRONG.

  80. Get a job, get a life, and quit thinking just because you are black, you are above anyone else. For the sake of God get off your dead ass and get a life.,God gave you a brain, do something with it!!!!! Nobody owes you anything, nobody owes any white people anything, you reap what you sow!!

  81. Wish people stop blaming society for their bad choices in life or not pushing themselves further, or escape bad situations to achieve and sustain a decent life instead of sitting back and counting on the government to fund them for their rest of their lives with little or no work on their own part. People like this are the ones that reach a certain age and havent achieved anything in life and realize they are older now with a dim future to survive on their own and are upset they are left behind. The guy interviewing her hit key facts! I think they should get rid of the “B” and leave it as Lives Matter instead.

    People are trying to rewrite history to achieve a different outcome instead of forging forward and improving their one selves for their future families. People need to get over the fact this isnt a Black or White America. Move on losers and better your own lives instead of trying change others!

  82. How about you give me a five dollar a month four-bedroom house your welfare checks for all your illegitimate children your food stamps so I can stay the fuck home and not have to work how about you do that for me OK you are never a slave your freak I have fucking bone cancer and I work through chemotherapy twice and you’re fat black ass is sitting at home living for free Hiawatha hog never worked a day in your life are you fucking kidding me

  83. ill bet that her mom and dad are real prod of her they must of had to work hard so that she could not miss a meal she don’t look to me as though she has missed mush of any thing in her life but she wants every thing handed to her fat ass

  84. Get a job ……both my husband and I worked two to three jobs to get out of poverty and are still working at 65 yrs old so I’ ll be damed if I’ d give anything to a lazy ass person who doesnt work harf white or black…you all can get job cleaning toilets if you have to to get ahead till something better comes along learn respect and hatd work…then you’ll get what you need I wasnt handed a silver spoon….i started working at age 12 babysitting…never collected welfare in my life and raised two boys by myself the best I could tjen got married snd worked together hard to get what we wanted…so get off your lazy butt and work…

  85. that is one ignorant bitch.i don’t owe you shit.get your black ass and work.get off welfare section 8 and food stamps. you are worthless I realize there are some good black people that works have morals and try to do right I don’t know any right off except ben carson .that’s a shame are you not embarresed to have that gimme hand out and that nasty mouth open.?want to know what our problem is.instead of helping ourself we have to pay yours first.and its not enough the motto of your kind is GIMME GIMME WHITE FOLKS. my motto is gimme just died.

  86. She’s got to be joking! I never heard of anything so ridiculous. See, that’s the problem; why should we work hard for what we got to give it to them? And like the guy said earlier she’s asking for everything except a job. So is that why they’re causing all these riots Etc and causinge more racism in our country, so they can get our homes and property and everything else? Why would we want to give them our property and our houses or anything? Why should we? We’re supposed to work hard for what we have so they don’t have to? Craziest thing I ever heard! Hope they give her some Narcan before she overdoses. She’s got to be on something to say such stupid things

  87. The saddest thing of all is that all she is saying is only hurting the black community all the more ’cause some people will think that’s how all black people feel, and I am sure it is most certainly not! And it will poison how some of her own people feel about whites all the more too! Don’t forget it was the white man that died to free the slave, and free them, they did!

  88. Done lost her damn mind!! Further proving they need a handout!! And she calls us racist! And, she just basically laid out a plan to further divide us. W T F!! Go back to bed and sleep it off, oh wait you can’t sleep off stupid!!

  89. if life is so horrible here then perhaps those who are disenchanted should go back to the country of their ancestral roots and see what life would have been like had they not ended up here to begin with. I believe life would have been much worse and slavery was just as prevalent there amongst many tribes so WTF?? Get over it.

  90. This woman is a complete idiot. I’m glad she doesn’t represent the black people I know. She clearly believes she should be allowed to sit back and get life handed to her. I’ve worked for everything I have. This is a concept she needs to identify with. People like her just adds fuel to the flames.

  91. property taxes,insurance,utilities,who is going to pay these if black or brown is given property for free ? I have been on welfare with kids,i have received benefits,i changed my surroundings and the people that I called friends,i got myself out of it and thank god every day.my family worked too damned hard to just give it away when I die.who’s going to cut the grass,who’s going to take care of the maintenance and upkeep on a 4 bedroom,2 bath,house ? who’s going to afford the taxes that come twice a year ? if you cannot do it now on your own,how are you going to do it after I will it to you ? what utter bull shit.you want my things given to you,it would be a cold day in hell,if you want it,get off of your lazy asses and get it on your own,just like I did.btw,neither my husband or myself have college education,just a trade school for him,,,,and experience for me.if you are asking for my farm because you need it,,,,think long and hard.it is a 6 in the morning to 7 or 8 at night full time every day,24/7 responsibility.no way in hell,,,,,quit giving these ignorant,rascist people the time of day.oh wait,they have all the time in a day to spout this shit,because they do nothing but sit on their ass’s and want free,free,free,get real.

  92. You can take your list and shove it where the sun don’t shine. ALL LIVES matters!!! Your racism is BEAMING woman. Shame on you!

  93. That libtard needs to shut up as no one owes her anything. As for my property, I would rather give a home to someone who works hard; rather than give it to someone who does nothing. All lives matter what you racist bigit, winer

  94. This black Bitch, says she is not racist, OMG she is the most RACIST person I think I have seen, You notice she doesn’t say a thing about anyone else that may be in need. There are whites and Mexican Americans, Indian, Oriental , all races of people that have poor or needy people. with children going hungry, or homeless, what about them. Aren’t they supposed to count? and if not WHY? SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BLACK? HAY BITCH, ( ALL LIVES MATTER) ALWAYS. Just like the man said, SHE makes it look like a black person don’t have the ability to make their lives better, so we should take care of them. Well black people have the same abilities, brains and strengths as anyone does. They are not stupid. She needs to give her own people a little credit. SHAME ON YOU WOMAN.


  96. Yet us white people are the racists, I guess it’s ok for every other color out there to bash white people, but it’s not ok when we do it back, SMH

  97. Give them Hollywood and Malibu and San Francisco. They could start by taking the Pelosi mansion and move on from there. I’m sure all of the multi millionaire Hollywood type would be happy to give their mansions to the black people who demand it.

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