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Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu Planned A Secret No-Whites Allowed Christmas Party – Her Office Made A Hilarious Mistake That Ruined The Party

Quick woke racist update.

Here we have Michell Wu, Harvard’s favorite daughter, and mayor of Boston, inviting only “electeds of color” to a secret office holiday party.

Well, it was a secret. Except her assistant seems to have emailed the invite to EVERY elected official by mistake.


Denise DosSantos, the mayor’s director of City Council relations, told the body’s “honorable members” that, “on behalf of Mayor Michelle Wu,” she was cordially inviting each of them “and a guest to the Electeds of Color Holiday Party on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Parkman House, 33 Beacon St.”

Approximately 15 minutes later, however, DosSantos sent out a follow-up email to city councilors, apologizing for the prior email, which was apparently only meant for those who were invited. The body includes seven white councilors and six of color.

The Boston Mayor was going to have a party just for the racial minorities on the city council and then the assistant sent it to the entire council and had to UN-INVITE all the white members!

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu defended holding a holiday party for “electeds of color” just hours before hosting the controversial gathering inside the city’s official reception hall Wednesday.

Wu admitted it was a mistake that every member of the Boston City Council received invitations to the controversial holiday party, and had already talked to those that were uninvited.

“We had individual conversations with everyone so people understand that it was truly just an honest mistake that went out in typing the email field,” Wu told reporters.

Wu, Boston’s first female of color and Asian American mayor, came under fire when her director of City Council relations, Denise DosSantos, sent an exclusive party invitation to all members of the City Council instead of just the select invitees.

Boston’s City Council is comprised of six minority and seven white members.

When news of the holiday party was made public, New England residents expressed their outrage on social media.

“Mayor Wu is NOT dreaming of a white Christmas. And she will NOT be serving white wine tonight. Or white-meat chicken. No palefaces invited to Parkman House powwow!” New England radio host Howie Carr quipped on X.

“So in Boston, you can’t attend the mayor’s holiday party if you are white. How much longer are Americans going to tolerate this left-wing racist crap?” conservative X user Rod Dreher wrote.

While some people were disgusted by the idea of a party excluding white people, others defended it, including city council member Frank Baker who was originally invited before it was rescinded.

“I don’t really get offended too easily,” Baker, a white Democrat, told the Boston Herald. “To offend me, you’re going to have to do much more than not invite me to a party.”

“I find it unfortunate that with the temperature the way it is, that we would further that division,” he added.