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Photos: These Instant Download Images Of Pizza For Sale On Etsy Are Pretty Expensive – Is This Money Laundering Or Is It Something Else?

The original listings are up on 4chan and have apparently been scrubbed from Etsy. I’ve just been on UK Etsy and found the following.

“A beautiful and steamy, delicious JPEG of a pepperoni and cheese pizza. Set to tease your taste buds craving the real thing. Made with the finest ingredients far and wide.” Yours for only £30k.

These were sent to us from Australia:


This better be just a money laundering scheme:

Instant download images of pizza for sale on Etsy are pretty expensive it seems:

We can’t confirm why the prices of these pictures are so high but this could spark the old theory about pizza gate.

Elon Musk continued to boost the conspiracy theory by posting and later deleting a meme on X that referred to a claim that sought to connect members of the Democratic Party with child abuse.

Musk wrote “does seem at least a little suspicious” alongside a meme drawing from the TV show “The Office,” which included fake dialogue superimposed on images of a character arguing that “Pizzagate is real,” a reference to a conspiracy theory that gained traction in 2016 and culminated with a North Carolina man’s opening fire in a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant. NBC News reviewed the post before it was taken down.

In another post replying to the first, Musk linked to an Associated Press article published by NBC News about an ABC News journalist’s pleading guilty to federal child pornography charges.

Since Nov. 20, Musk has responded to tweets referring to pizzagate four other times.

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