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CDC Website Reveal That Refugees From Afghanistan Took IVERMECTIN Before They Arrived In The U.S. (Photos)

Rand Paul insists that ivermectin, a drug used on humans to treat maladies including intestinal parasites and head lice, isn’t being studied as a possible treatment for coronavirus patients because of politics.

“The hatred for Trump deranged these people so much, that they’re unwilling to objectively study it,” Paul told a group in northern Kentucky late last week. “So someone like me that’s in the middle on it, I can’t tell you because they will not study ivermectin. They will not study hydroxychloroquine without the taint of their hatred for Donald Trump.”

Joe Rogan also went on social media Wednesday to inform fans he contracted COVID-19 and list the medications he took, including monoclonal antibodies, prednisone and an antiparasitic drug that has recently prompted federal health warnings.

“We immediately threw the kitchen sink at it. All kinds of meds,” Rogan explained. “Monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-pak, prednisone, everything. And I also got an anti-D drip and a vitamin drip.”

“Here we are on Wednesday and I feel great,” he explained. “I really only had one bad day. Sunday sucked, but Monday was better, Tuesday felt better than Monday and today, I feel good.”

He added: “I actually feel pretty f— good.”
Rogan said he underwent such treatments for three days.
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Television and film actress Kirstie Alley, 70, also revealed on Twitter that she used Ivermectin and a cocktail of other drugs that helped her with her Covid-19 battle!

The Food and Drug Administration DA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged consumers against the use of ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment after poison control centers nationwide reported a sharp uptick in people facing serious health effects after taking animal formulations of the drug.

The FDA had previously issued concerns over self-medication with ivermectin intended for animals, noting some people might mistakenly believe the drug can substitute for ivermectin intended for humans.

But, while the mainstream media described the use of ivermectin as dangerous, CDC guidelines from their own website show that refugees from Afghanistan had to take ivermectin to get into the United States!

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And for those interested because there is no date on the page…

This showed up on April 3, 2021.

Ivermectin is regularly taken, by humans, for both prophylaxis and treatment of parasitic infections. None of this is related to covid-19 but the claims that the drug is dangerous for people are not real and CDC can confirm!