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Guy Climbs High-Voltage Power Line Tower – Gets Electrocuted (Video)

Everyone needs to understand the extreme electrical voltage in power lines—it’s nothing to take lightly.

Power lines are uninsulated because they are so high off the ground, the added expense of insulting them is not necessary.

Typically, power line voltage is between 4,800 volts and 13,200 volts. For comparison, the voltage used in the electric chair for death penalty situations was between 200 to 5,000 volts.


It is advisable to stay at least 10 ft. away from most power lines and 25 feet away from the highest-voltage lines.

32-year-old Izzet Yurtseven climbed a high-voltage power line pole at the entrance to the Adnan Menderes Airport, in protest of the lack of health and pension insurance, according to milliyet.com.ar

Despite the encouragement from Ambulance and Police to climb down from the tower, Yurtseven persisted and climbed to the top.

While balancing himself, he came into contact with the power lines and suffered electrocution before falling onto an airbag set up by emergency services at the base of the tower.

The Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital confirmed that he remains in a serious but stable condition.

Watch the video:

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