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Forget DACA, This City Just Did Something Huge For Veterans! MSM Silent!

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We finally have a real American president who is trying his best amid tremendous opposition from the anti-American left, to help our cause Veterans and the rest of America.

Veterans fought for and served this country… They above all else deserve to have a tremendous respect for all the citizens. Desecrating graves of vets is one of the worst things.

The Veterans Community Project in Kansas City is taking serious steps to improve the lives of America’s war heroes.


According to AWM:

An organization called Veterans Community project has built an entire village of tiny houses to provide homes for homeless veterans. This idea is both costs effective and empowering and has potential to be replicated from coast to coast. Check out their story here.

An idea whose time has come: using the tiny house revolution to actually solve a serious problem in our country. Military veterans make up a remarkably large segment of our nation’s homeless population. It is a national disgrace that men and women who have served to protect us in times of war and peace should be cast aside and left to fend for themselves with no support from society beyond occasional handouts.

Veterans Community Project, or VCP, is a Missouri organization that is tackling this problem head on. VCP was founded by three veterans who saw the gaps in services that veterans needed to survive in civilian life after experiencing the trauma of combat followed by life on the streets.

Working on a site of about four acres, they are constructing fifty tiny houses that will serve at least as many homeless vets. But the project does not end by putting a roof over their head. They will also be offering peer counseling and job training as a way to help reintegrate veterans back into the broader community.

VCP says “The goal would be to get veterans straight off the streets and hand them the keys to their fully furnished tiny house (stocked with food), without the veteran having to go through the hassles of waiting for gas, electric, deposits, inspections, and voucher processes. We would then stabilize them to educate and support them on reintegrating into society all while treating and addressing their housing barriers as we move them into permanent housing.”
Each house is 240 square feet and is being built by volunteers and with donations from business and private individuals.

“We do this on weekends, holidays, evenings, whenever we can,” said Chris Lawrence, who is providing some of the lumber used to build the tiny homes through an organization she helps run called 2x4s For Home. “We’re just trying to help make a difference. Little by little, one board at a time.”

Too many veterans are homeless and we should at least help them.They gave a lot for our country.

Hope they get the extended help and follow up they need and deserve.

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