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CNN Reporter Gets Tear Gassed Live on Air In Alt-Left Chaos, Shocked When he Sees Who Betrayed Him

CNN has absolutely NO credibility anymore and why anyone watches them is beyond me! Unless of course, they tell you what you want to hear.

When CNN finally printed a headline reflecting real news for a change, they caved to the haters and did some selective editing. They wrote an article about Antifa but changed the headline later to appease Antifa because they say they’re not responsible for the violence.

Well, by all means, CNN’s Gary Tuchman, a correspondent on the ground in Phoenix, could barely speak to anchor Don Lemon after he got tear gassed. Watch the video below!


Via Real Clear Politics:

“The police have deployed tear gas and some concussion ordinance that has startled people here. There hasn’t been any violence so far, that’s the good news. But the tear gas here is very acute. Most people have left,” Tuchman reported.

“But all of our faces right now are burning, all of our throats are burning,” Tuchman said.

“Why did it happen? I don’t know the answer,” he said.

“There were some water bottles thrown at police and the next thing we felt was the burning tear gas,” he explained.

Earlier, another CNN reporter nearly got hit by the lit end of a smoke grenade after protesters chucked water bottles at the police.

Police release statement to disperse:

As always, the ONLY time violence occurs during free speech/assembly is when DEMOCRATS cause it. Democrats hate freedom so much they attack it. Yet all Democrat “journalists” complain about is reactions by the victims of Democrat crime.

This is a shame and throwing anything at the Police is not the rule of Law. Why can’t the CNN Reporter just tell the Truth and announce how many Thousands? He is another CNN Lazy or can’t report on the full crowd to inform all Americans. The CNN Reporter does not even know how to report how the Gas Happen????

This is not just Fake News just CNN Lazy News Missed and Non-Reporting!

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