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CNN Reveals The Reason Why Their Crew Was Arrested Live On Air While Reporting On Minneapolis Protests

Fierce protests have been raging in Minneapolis since an unarmed black man, George Floyd, died in police custody on Monday. Overnight, protesters broke into a police precinct in the city and set it on fire as the violence escalated. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has activated the state National Guard in a bid to restore order. Four officers involved in the incident have been fired but have not yet faced charges, with prosecutors stating they are still gathering evidence.

But one moment, in particular, caught the eye of the American public, a CNN reporter was arrested on live TV.
Reporter Omar Jimenez has been arrested live on television in Minneapolis while reporting on widespread looting and riots throughout the city.
He was live on-air speaking about the situation when police in riot gear arrested Mr. Jimenez, placing him in handcuffs.
The police then led him to a waiting patrol car.
Video below:

CNN gave a statement in which they explained why their reporter was arrested.
Police told the crew they were being detained because they were told to move, and didn’t, one member of the CNN crew relayed to the network.
“A CNN reporter and his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves — a clear violation of their First Amendment rights. The authorities in Minnesota, including the Governor, must release the three CNN employees immediately,” CNN said in a statement.

Of course, there were cries for racism from CNN even do a white cameraman was arrested too.

CNN’s Josh Campell, who also was in the area but not standing with the on-air crew, said he, too, was approached by police, but was allowed to remain.
“I identified myself … they said, ‘OK, you’re permitted to be in the area,'” recounted Campbell, who is white. “I was treated much differently than (Jimenez) was.”

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