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CNN’s Ana Navarro: Trump ‘Unfit to Be a Human’ (Video)


CNN commentator Ana Navarro said Monday that Trump is “unfit to be a human” because he failed to explicitly denounce white supremacists in his statement on the Charlottesville violence.

Navarro said that not explicitly denouncing white supremacy was the “worst thing he has ever done.” but I think she is wrong.

I really hate clam linguini and I don’t recall Trump ever coming out and denouncing clam linguini.

It shows he doesn’t really care about people’s culinary tastes and that is far worse in my opinion.

From The Daily Caller:

“There are times when the President of the United States needs to step up and be the unifier-in-chief,” she said. “This was such a moment for him and he blew it to a level in order to pander to members of his base who he did not want to antagonize.”

After a long rant, Navarro dropped a bomb that took the air out of the studio.

“In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage–he’s unfit to be human,” Navarro stated.

“Well…okay,” Berman responded awkwardly. “Let’s talk about him as the President of the United States for a second right now, Ana.”

You can tell by her rant she is really rational.

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  1. The left and the Brain-washed Liberals are saying that President Trump took to long to say anything about what happen in Virginia . Think about this for a change. Did the Left think just one time maybe he was waiting to get the facts and not jump like fake news of CNN and start telling a bunch of crap with out the facts first. That is what a Good president does and maybe a good reporter should do also.PLUS if you remember Obama took 4 days to say anything about Ferguson because I guess he didn’t want to ruin his time at Martha Vinyard!!!

  2. Can she cook the tacos, enchiladas? No! What about the fajitas, the burritos? No! I want tamales, Carne Asada. Please get in the kitchen and Leeeern!

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