Home Politics Keith Olbermann: Trump ‘Responsible For Domestic Terrorism’ (Video)

Keith Olbermann: Trump ‘Responsible For Domestic Terrorism’ (Video)


Keith Olbermann, former MSNBC host and special correspondent for GQ, blamed President Trump for the violence and terror that broke out in Charlottesville, VA, on Saturday.

Olbermann is too big of a clown for even MSNBC and now he is honking his horn and flopping his feet for GQ hosting “The Resistance.”

What is Olbermann “resisting” anyway? A strong national security, low unemployment, a growing economy and a booming stock market?

Via The Daily Caller:

In his latest “The Resistance” video for GQ released Monday night, Olbermann said Trump is “responsible for domestic terrorism at Charlottesville,” despite the president explicitly denouncing white supremacy.

“The President of the United States has lost any moral authority he ever had to comment on terrorism, domestic or international, home or abroad,” Olbermann said. “The president is at least, at best, indirectly responsible for the domestic terror attack…and for whatever comes next.”

Olbermann then rattled off a long list of negative adjectives for Trump before slamming him as a “sympathizer and apologist, and practically an accessory after the fact, for Neo-Nazi domestic terrorists.”

Later in the video, Olbermann tries to clarify that he doesn’t believe Trump was “directly responsible” for the attacks, but was “responsible after the fact” and should be removed from office.

Watch the video:

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  1. How is all of this Trumps fault? A bunch of racist assholes protest the removal of a statue, and a bunch of Antifa babies show up to start a fight and an animal runs over people for NO reason and all of a sudden Trump and all his Supporters are Racists. This is a sad time in America when you can’t say what you feel without being attacked.

  2. This isn’t Trump’s fault anymore than it is the man in the moon’s. People are still mad because the Dems did not win the election 9 months ago, and they think up horrendous things, one worse than the next, to raise hell about and blame the President. They are all poor excuses for human beings. They will get their due in the end…

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