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Cowboys Head Coach Discovers What Every Player Who Protested The Anthem Is Getting On His Field

Maybe we should stop going to these games. Why should we cheer for someone who truly disrespects our country and our veterans! Money talks how loud do YOU want to be!

It is our money that pays their salaries either directly or indirectly. I choose not to support the NFL as they are not respecting me. I will not patronize their advertiser’s products, the TV stations that show their games, nor buy team gear or endorsed products. Wonder how long the NFL will survive if all Americans do the same. Boycott the NFL and its advertisers. Tell our legislators to stop the tax brakes they have given teams. No tax dollars for those that disrespect our nation.
But that’s just me and every American has his own right on this issue!

One of them is Dallas Cowboys head coach!


He doesn’t seem to agree with NFL Commissioner’s apologetic approach and has something else planned for these anti-American stars who are paid millions to play a game – not make negative political statements.

CBS News reports:

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett addressed his stance on national anthem protests at his daily press conference on Tuesday.

Garrett declined to answer multiple questions on the issue before saying, “there’s no question in my mind the National Anthem is sacred, the flag is sacred and our team has demonstrated that.”

This is the exact stance that every coach of every team should take since the NFL Commissioner refused to prioritize patriotism over the sport. The players, franchises, and the NFL as a whole make a lot of money for the massive public platform to be abused in this way.

It’s clear that the Dallas Cowboys is run by a real leader and it’s probably no coincidence that their franchise is one of the wealthiest and most respected in the league.

I appreciate the Dallas Cowboys and their patriotic statement of support for our country and national anthem, however, due to the NFL week, coddling approach to players who disregard and disrespect our country, I will be boycotting the NFL this season as last. The NFL cannot have it both ways. Things in life are it that easy. I love and respect our country and our flag and I will be damned if I will spend money and support an organization that tries to justify disrespecting the United States of America.

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